Extremely short post today – mostly pictures because we’re just about to head over to our friends’ apartment for game night!

Butt-crack o’ dawn nosh: ½ banana, handful of cheerios, water


Workout: Endurance Ride

Two stages of a hard endurance ride, increasing mph/resistance every few minutes

Totals: ~518 cals, 19.8 miles 1:04 time

Post ride refueling: PB&J on sprouted wheat bread with Wheat germ, coffee + milk


I had to swap my lunch with my breakfast today because as SOON as I got to the office, I had to go back to the lab and build up a few things… so I didn’t really have time for a slow-going yogurt bowl.  Good thing a PB&J is an excellent post workout meal/snack!

Midmorning I grabbed an apple and a hidden baggie of cocoa almonds!! Hooray for my box accidently spilling over my cabinet and leaving me 1 more packet Smile (I thought I ran out yesterday)


Lunch was my breakfast yogurt bowl: Brown Cow vanilla yogurt, blueberries, granola, and a protein bar for good measure.  I also made some green tea because I was freezing (holy cow can we SERIOUSLY get some heat in this building??!)


It took me until 4pm today to get any veggies in, but I made me a plate of broccoli, baby carrots, and celery with black bean salsa and roasted red pepper hummus  This bowl x 2.  I was feeling pretty drained on energy by then, so that definitely got me home to dinner!

veggie bowl

Tonight: Game Night!

Tomorrow I’m switching up the schedule a little bit, so I’ll have a much later post and only ONE breakfast!! Winking smile