I hope you had a snow-free Tuesday!  I woke up this morning to a good 4” of snow on my car, it was still snowing, and it was 4 degrees Sad smile.  When my alarm went off I contemplated going back to bed for a minute or so, then just got my butt up and headed to the gym (my car >> snow!).  I grabbed half a banana, sliced it lengthwise, put a thin layer of PB on it, and threw a few cheerios and raisins on for good measure Winking smile

sliced nanner

Workout: Strength Training

3 x 12 wood chops

3 x 12 chest press

3 x 12 alternating cable row

3 x 12 seated shoulder press

3 x 12 adduction

3 x 12 abduction

3 x 12 seated leg curls

3 x 12 leg extensions

3 x 12 lat pull downs

3 x 12 squats with dumbbell

3 x 12 bench dips

This was slightly shorter than normal – it took me so long to get to and from the gym I had to cut it a bit short.  When I got to work I made a yogurt bowl with a Brown Cow Vanilla Greek Yogurt (on sale this week for $1… so I have tons of them Open-mouthed smile), half a grapefruit, and ~1/3 cup of Kashi Golden Goodness cereal.  I also had coffee as usual, because my hands were frozen and my office is igloo temperature.

yogurt mess

Someone brought donuts in this morning too, which I reluctantly declined Winking smile.  But at least I got a picture before they were all consumed (took about 7 minutes after the “Donuts in the break room” email was sent before it was cleaned out).

donut fail

Instead of a donut, I grabbed my last packet of cocoa almonds before heading back to the lab. 


Lunch was especially tasty today and packed with protein.  I had a homemade tuna salad sandwich: 1 can of tuna (yup, I ate the whole can!), a few small chopped celery sticks, chopped baby carrots, jalapeno peppers, Dijon mustard (~1T?), and a slice of cheese on two slices of sprouted wheat toast.  This thing was HUGE!


I had this with a sparkling water and decided that was more than enough food, so I didn’t eat the few other things I packed for lunch (chips and an apple).  That just means more choices for a snack later!

After about 2.5 hours, I was hungry again, but had about 3 minutes to grab something before a meeting – I grabbed the chips because that was the only thing I had that I could eat “quietly” (aka, suck on the chips until they’re mushy… lol).  It took a while, but at least I wasn’t terribly disruptive in my meeting Open-mouthed smile.


And… I ended up scarfing down the apple AS I left work Open-mouthed smile.  It’s never hard for me to get fruit in my diet… much harder for me to get veggies.  Dinner will most likely be a lazy woman’s salad (aka… take the vegetable bin out of the fridge, chop whatever is in there, eat!)

I wish I had something exciting to do tonight… BUT, after today I deeeeefinitely need some down time.  Things are breaking at work and we’re all scrambling around trying to fix them… basically, MASS CHAOS!  So, I’m  pretty sure the plan for tonight will involve dinner, sitting, house hunting, sitting, and… more house hunting?

Have a great Tuesday night!