I woke up really early this morning, only to find my car buried under about 6-8 inches of snow!  When we got home around 9:30 last night, it wasn’t snowing at all!?  I guess we’ve got another day of it…

I chowed down on a half of a banana, PB, raisins, and some Cracklin Oatbran (along with some water) and then hit up the gym for a speedy hour workout before church.

pre workout

Workout: Strength Training and Cardio

3 x 12 modified push ups

3 x 12 assisted chin ups

3 x 12 assisted dips

3 x 12 glute machine

3 x 12 calf extensions

5 minutes on a Stair Stepper thing.  It’s more of a “stair-treadmill” than a stair stepper.  I’ve never tried this at my gym before and I used this as a warm up.



I finished that with 30 minutes on the AMT.

Totals: ~250 cals, 38 minutes.  Not too bad for a Sunday morning at 6am Winking smile

After a shower, I devoured a Brown Cow Vanilla Greek Yogurt bowl with blueberries, and Kashi Honey Puff cereal, and half a whole wheat English muffin with a microwaved egg.  A small coffee was consumed at church Open-mouthed smile.

post workout

We drove around a few neighborhoods after church just to see if anything popped up in the housing market (still no…Sad smile).  After we got home I whipped up a mondo-quickie salad to eat as an early lunch because we had to meet our Realtor to see another house (yet another no-go..).


Baby spinach, baby carrots, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, a veggie burger, a cheese stick, mushrooms, blob of hummus, and Italian dressing.  I grabbed a small handful of Kashi crackers on my way out too (this was all eaten in the car…).  After that was gone, I was still hungry so I ate my “just in case” snack in my purse – an apple.  We only ended up spending about an hour looking at this house (and then Scott and I drove around another neighborhood), but I swear I’ve got the munchies BAD today.

To calm my rumbly tummy (and not eat EVERYTHING in the apartment – gotta save some room for treats at a SuperBowl party later!), I whipped up a Protein-packed Green Monster:

green monster

Monster: 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, ~3/4 cup frozen spinach, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder.  Hopefully this holds me until we at least get to our friends’ apartment later Open-mouthed smile

Now I’ve just gotta do the usual Sunday things: laundry, pack up food for work tomorrow (… yea..I usually spend an unusual amount of time prepping food.  It’s just SO much better than buying it everyday Open-mouthed smile), cleaning…. and I only have about 1.5 hours Surprised smile.

Have a great Sunday – I hope you have a great time watching the game (or if you aren’t, have fun doing whatever it is you’re doing!).  Don’t forgett Glee comes on afterwards!! Winking smile

❤ Steelers!!!  (Scott’s rooting Green Bay haha).