Happy Friday!! 

I know I am taking the week off from the blog, but this is an”Off-Friday” week for me… so naturally I have a bit more free time than usual Smile.  I’ve definitely missed blogging over the past few days and know I need to come up with a better schedule in order to keep it going.  It might be every other day, might only be a few days a week… I still need to play around with times.  I just need to find the right balance with my schedule.

I’ve got a full days worth of food for you today, and boy has it been a crrraaaaazy day!  I woke up this morning with the most severe back spasms/cramps that I’ve had in over a year! Sad smile.  I didn’t even work out at all yesterday so I have absolutely NO idea why it was so bad.  Here was the drama of this morning: tears were running down my face before I even got to our bedroom door, I took way too long to open the door, Salami (the kitty) busted in our room and hid under the bed.  It woke Scott up, and he had to climb around and fish him out (we keep our room a cat free zone for his allergies).  Then, he had to deal with puffy-eyed, tears-pouring, half-screaming me who couldn’t walk more than .1 mph or function as ANY sort of human being… until he had to leave for work. However, he did manage to get me exactly what I needed before he left: a hot pad for my muscles and the pans/ingredients I needed to make breakfast (I couldn’t bend down or reach anything yet…).  Epic. Fail. (I’m lucky I didn’t have to go into work today!)

But yea.. I managed to cook up an awesome bowl of apple cinnamon steel cut oats (in my new bowl! Open-mouthed smile), and then attempt to stretch out and walk around for another 2 hours.


oatmeal bowl

oats: 1/4 cup dry steel cut oats, 3/4 cup water (bring those two to a boil).  1/2 cup milk (after the water is absorbed), 1/2 chopped apple, 1 tsp vanilla (stirred in at the end), and a good sprinkle of cinnamon.  I topped it with a few walnuts, a blob of peanut butter, shredded coconut, and a thin drizzle of maple syrup. Served with coffee Smile

What do you do 1.5 hours later when you’re still walking around trying to relax muscles?? 

Hit up a late-morning spin class (yup, I was pretty darn desperate!)

Workout: Loooooong, Butt-kicking Endurance Ride (aka, exactly what I needed)

Totals: 650 cals, 20.0 miles, 1:09 time.

About 15 minutes in to warm up, all my muscles relaxed and I felt good as new Open-mouthed smile.  Perhaps my mistake yesterday WAS doing nothing (… that sounds so backwards?!)  Or maybe it’s just a random fluke and it won’t happen for another year Winking smile.  Either way, it was a pretty failed morning.

The rest of the day was mostly spent in the car: I went to the grocery store so I could eat lunch (where did all our food go?)…


salad: baby spinach, cucumber, baby carrots, tomato, roasted red pepper hummus, Italian dressing, sesame seeds… with a chunk of thawed out cornbread, sparkling lime water, and a Fage 0% Strawberry Goji yogurt for dessert.

and then I drove out to Robin Chocolates to help Robin and Brittany with a few V-day orders (just because they are awesome to hang out with, and chocolate = life!).  After that  trip, I drove another hour and half to the bakery we used for our wedding to pick up our free one year anniversary cake (a 6” round cake)!  Beautifully decorated in our colors: dark blue and silver Smile


An Almond and Coconut Kind bar (and tons of chocolate) was consumed somewhere in there…

ind bar

Then I came home to leftover “his vs. hers” pizza from last night, a sliced pear with cinnamon… and then of course a slice of cake (thrown sloppily on the plate because I couldn’t WAIT to eat it!  I don’t even remember the last time I had cake…)!



Devil’s Food Chocolate cake, Vanilla Butter cream frosting, and Fudge filling.  Did I already mention that chocolate = life?…Winking smile

Ok, time to go rest up and hope tomorrow morning is a little better!  I’m planning on another spin class, so I guess either way, I’ll get my muscles moving!

Have a great night!!