We spent allll afternoon looking at houses today (about 8 of them!!).  I am now at the brink of total exhaustion, but we’re just about to sit down and catch up on some American Idol so that will be some wonderful R&R time.

We were at our neighbors pretty late last night, and I almost didn’t wake up in time for spin class this morning!  I wasn’t too hungry either because I downed 2 huge n cheesy Chorizo Enchiladas, beans, and two oatmeal raisin cookies last night.  They make extremely deeeelicious food, but holy cow it was WAY to good to pass up Smile

I could only handle a slice of sprouted wheat toast, a thin layer of PB, and raisins before spin. 


Workout: Endurance Ride

Today was an intense hour long ride, and very little recovery time in between hills and 12 to 15 minute intervals.  However, our instructors have the go ahead to use the projectors during class now, so I used the Snowboarding Wipeouts video that she played to distract myself from all my leg pain! Open-mouthed smile

Totals: 551 cals, 18.0 miles, 1:03 time

Not too bad considering yesterday’s workout brought me to the anaerobic stage (completely breathless).  This usually means you won’t get as high of numbers the next day.

I downed one of the new Fage 0% yogurts (Cherry Pomegranate), coffee and milk, and some Cinnamon Burst Cheerios (from yesterday) right after I got home.  I only ate a little bit because we were leaving in 2.5 hours for house hunting stuff and I wanted to be able to eat a good lunch before that.


Btw… I’m LOVING the yogurts so far!  I had Scott try it but he still thinks it tastes like chalk.  Granted, I felt the same way for a while but I don’t taste that anymore.  This flavor was really tasty but not as thick and creamy as the 2% I usually buy.  Either way, YUM!

Lunch was thrown together right after a shower: a huuuge salad, an apple with cinnamon on the side, and a few Kashi crackers with hummus. 


I stupidly spent more time prepping and taking a picture that I completely ran out of time.  I had to throw it all in a bowl and eat in the car on the way to meeting our realtor. Fail.


However, house hunting went WAY better than expected.  We had 6 properties lined up to see, but spotted one that was up for sale right across from another we were supposed to view.  Long story short (and many many phone calls later): we are probably making an offer before the weekend is over Surprised smile.  Neither of us could come up with anything that was wrong with the house, property, or the neighborhood.  We even drove around and talked with a lady walking her dogs for a good 20 minutes about the area.  Biggest selling points??  A HUGH JASS kitchen, upgraded appliances, and a basement in which we can set up a big screen Open-mouthed smile.  I feel like I’m going to puke and  Scott is literally going CRAZY right now with jitters, “what-ifs”, questions…etc.  We are going to be a wreck for a few days while we figure this all out.

The the waiting process begin!! Open-mouthed smile