Scott got home a little later than expected last night, so instead of dining at the restaurant, we took it to go Smile.  I ❤ ModMarket!! (perhaps a little too much).  They’ve recently added a few new items to the menu and I was dying to try them out.  I got half of an Arugula Pizza:


And a small cup of the Potato Leek soup:


(like how they post calorie counts?! They only have 2 restaurants, which makes them awesome for doing that!).


potato leek

Both were absolutely deeelicious (I scarfed it all).  The pizza isn’t something I usually order off a menu because I wasn’t sure how all the ingredients would taste together, but that just goes to show ya that forcing yourself to try something new pays off!!  Scott loved the soup too– and as much of a REALLY picky eater he is, that’s something to be quite happy about!  As I’ve mentioned in the past, ModMarket has a 10% off deal when you eat there again the day after (or the day after THAT)… so… I’m probably going to find myself eating there again… (They’ve got a new salad with Figs! Open-mouthed smile)  However, my beloved POM pizza is no longer a menu item *insert sad/crying face*.

We finally got to see the season premiere of American Idol too – I love the three new judges together!  Steven Tyler is freaking hilarious and brings a lot of character to it.  It’s going to be a goood season Smile

I still crashed last night around 9pm, but was exhausted.  I decided that sleeping in would be a much better decision than going to my normal 5:45am spin class (duh! I have an Off Friday!).  However, when you’re used to waking up at 4:45am and you don’t wake up until 7:30, um…let’s just say my stomach was BEGGING for some food.  I was craving a yogurt bowl this morning, but I’m out of yogurt Sad smile.  I wasn’t feeling oatmeal either (way to hungry to wait for that!).  So, I whipped up a quick batch of Banana Scrambles (yup… again!). 


1 freakishly huge banana, 1T chia seeds, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1tsp vanilla, 1tsp unsweetened shredded coconut, 1/4 cup oats (4T), and 3T milk. 

Mix and mash, divide in two, cook pancake style for a few minutes, and serve on whatever you want.  I had a Spelt English Muffin, and topped it with 1T peanut butter and two small globs of strawberry jam.  Oh yea, with coffee too!


These sort of look like creepy eyeballs…. oops.

I’m off to run a few errands, hopefully go grocery shopping (I’m waaaay running out of options for food!), (Modmarket), and meeting up with a few friends later Winking smile.  I hope you’re having a great Friday morning!!