I did in fact manage to get in a spin class this morning (I knew that was going to happen one way or another!)  I dropped in on a 9:30 am class and barely got a bike!  It was completely filled, minus 3 bikes when I walked in.  After about 5 minutes, it became a 40+ person maxed out class!!

Totals: ~585 cals, 17.0 miles, 1:03 time

On my way home, I decided on a whim to hit up the grocery store to restock ONLY bananas and yogurt (yes, I have a difficult time abiding by a list).  I got a little carried away…


There were tons of brand new items in the store that I could not very well pass up (and they were on sale)!!


Kashi Golden Goodness, and Cinnamon Burst Cheerios!!

And a slew of new Fage 0% Greek Yogurts (I bought all the new kinds… and a regular one I LOVE!)


oooo I can’t WAIT to try these!

After a long awaited shower, I headed right back out for some grub!  A Build-Your-Own salad was picked up from ModMarket along with a Sweet Leaf Unsweetened Tea.


Mixed greens, potato, soy beans, black beans, tomato, and figs with Honey Mustard dressing.  Apparently (just last week) they have a new policy on the number of items you can add to a B-Y-O, and I ran out of ingredients before I would have had to pay extra (no way dude!).  I topped this off with some Kashi crackers and a blob of hummus when I got home.  I am loving the addition of Figs to their menu, they are sooo good!


I’ve still got a long laundry list of things to do, but I’m headed out to see Brittany at her new workplace SmileSmile.  I’ll probably do a special post about it later, or tomorrow because our night is going to be packed!!


Have an awesome Friday!!