This afternoon I visited Brittany at her new job – working for Robin Chocolates!!!

robin and brittany

I’ve talked blogged about this before (many times), actually it was one of my very first posts!

I chatted and helped Brittany clean out some chocolate molds for a little while, and then the sampling/sugar coma began Open-mouthed smile.  I’m already lined up ready to order some things for Scott for Valentines day!


Smore’s: Robin’s homemade graham crackers, Valrhona Tainori dark chocolate, and homemade honey marshmallow!  She even took out a gigantic torch and roasted the marshmallows for us Smile


Chocolate dipped orange peels.

choco dipped orange peels

Baggin’ up some Chocolate Almond Bark.

chocolate almond bark


Wrapping Salt Caramel Lollipops


english salted caramel


This was epic!!  Crème de Menthe Chocolate Covered Brownies.  I was even nice enough to only eat half and save a bite for Scott Smile.  His absolute favorite dessert combination is chocolate and mint so he’s going to go nuts over this!!

creme de mint brownie

But here’s the kicker: we got to try the end pieces of some more brownies topped with vanilla from Tahitian Vanilla Beans!  Madagascar vanilla beans are more common and can be used in more applications (they can take more heat, Tahitian beans can’t), so basically… these beans are quite expensive!  The flavor in these brownies is phenomenal because of it.

tahitian vanilla brownie ends

tahitian vanilla beans

One of the Valentine’s kits she’s selling is going to have these vanilla brownies and the mint ones in it…  I’m deeeeefinitely thinking that’s a good idea Smile She’s going to be back at Cayenne Kitchen February 12th for some samples of the S’mores, brownies, and the salt caramel lollipops too.  I think Brittany and I are going to be there as well if anyone is interested in meeting up!!  (Trust me, you definitely want the S’mores…)