This morning I was (a) hungry, (b) tired, (c) still bummed about the snow, (d) lazy.  Going to the gym in the snow sounded LAME, so  I did another home strength training session and did the exact same workout as last week Winking smile.  That’s what happens when you get home too late from snowy roads and can’t make up another routine (and you’re already lazy…).  I downed a Honey Graham Z bar to get me going and then blasted through everything.

z bar

Totals: ~1 hr 15 mins spent on everything, 2x through. My arms have no feeling in them Open-mouthed smile.

After sitting in my car with the defrost on for 10 minutes (the ice was so thick I needed an ice pick to get it off my windshield…and did I mention I was lazy?), I got to work and made a huge yogurt bowl to give my muscles some very needed protein!


A Chobani Pomegranate Greek Yogurt, Cracklin Oatbran, Chia seeds, rolled oats, cinnamon, and a banana.  I had that with coffee too.  Gotta get the engines running somehow Winking smile.

I munched on an apple around 9:45 this morning – it was a quick snack because I was back in the lab building something for someone (and everybody wants stuff done RIGHT away).


What’s bad about this is that I didn’t finish with it until 1pm… which is when I had lunch Sad smile.  HUN-G-A-R-Y!

I had the last of my quinoa, chicken, and vegetable mixture from the past few days, and a water to wash it down with.  Scott doesn’t eat anything “healthy” like this (*Sad face*)… so when I cook it I usually spent DAYS eating it all… which makes for boring blog meal repeats Sad smile.

quinoa lunch

I had to scarf that down in about 10 minutes because of a meeting that just “happened” to show up in my Outlook while I was working in the lab.  It was just one of those days…

After a couple of meetings, I was able to get out for a quick 15 minute walk while I tried out another new bar – a Daily Mocha Mantra (vegan protein bar; gluten, dairy, AND soy free). 

vegan bar

This was MUCH better than yesterday’s vomit chocolate bar!  I had it in the fridge so it was really chewy, but a high quality bar in my opinion!  I was really happy with the overall nutrition of this thing as well: 10g protein, 21g carbs, tons of poly and mono fats (the good kind!), and all organic vegan ingredients.  I don’t know how I missed it, but I’m definitely going to try out their peanut butter kind, Nut Butter Buddha Crunch.  That sounds heavenly!

inside bar

This afternoon I was feeling pretty sluggish, so instead of reaching for some caffeine, I had a small power snack of organic baby carrots, half of a Doctor Kracker Seedlander cracker, and some hummus. 


I just sort of nibbled on these and probably could have eaten a bit more but Scott and I have a date night planned at and I didn’t want to be too full for dinner!  Oooh I’m soooo excited about where we’re eating too – I’ll be sure to post pictures tomorrow SmileSmile

We’ve gotta go grab dinner and then cuddle up on the couch and catch up on American Idol!  Scott had to work late last night so we just recorded it for today.  I don’t know about you but I’m STOKED to see the new judges and am really liking the three they picked!.   I can’t wait to laugh my butt off at all the beginning “tone-deafness”!

Did you watch it last night?  Do you already have your favorites picked out?!