I hope you’re weekend was as good as mine was and you were ready to start off the work week this morning!  I had a few issues falling asleep last night, but still managed to get in about 6 hours or so.  I fueled up for my Monday morning spin class with ½ whole wheat bagel, PB, and a few raisins on top (plus water!).


Workout: Endurance Ride: Three by Three’s

3 minutes hard ride, increase resistance

3 minutes hard ride, beat the distance from the previous segment, increase  resistance

3 minutes hard ride, beat the distance from the previous segment, increase resistance

Recovery: 1 min seated, 1 min standing, 1 min seated, 1 min standing

Repeat all four steps above x 3!!

Basically, this was a straight-forward (mind numbing) workout… There was little to keep your mind off of how much your legs felt like they were on fire!  However, I managed to maintain over the 3 minute mile for all 9 segments, so I’m pretty darn happy about that Open-mouthed smile.

Totals: ~477 cals, 16.0 miles, 53 minutes

Post-spin, I made yet another Green Monster: 1 banana, 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, ½ cup blueberries, 1 scoop chocolate wheat grass, and ice.  I had this with a slice of Chocolate Avocado Banana Bread (almost done with the loaf!). 


The Green Monster undoubtedly raised a few curious eyebrows at work today.  However, no one had the guts to actually ask what was in it hehe.   I downed my usual cup of coffee after that (not sure I needed it after the monster, but it was still tasty).

This breakfast completely held me over until lunch – I didn’t even think of having a snack (that never happens!).  Lunch was leftovers from dinner last night: two small pieces of chicken and the rest of the zucchini/squash/garlic/onion/mushroom mixture.  I had an orange on the side and some cran-raspberry bubbly water.


 Very filling and very tasty (and might I say I’ve downed my intake of vegetables already?!?!).  This lunch was especially tasty because I’ve recently noticed I’ve been having some sort of “bread” at almost every single breakfast and lunch for the past week (I doughy goodness!!), so I’m trying to get my carbs elsewhere and spread out the gluten overload a little.  If I have enough time, dinner might be something vegetable/quinoa-ish that I can pack again for lunch tomorrow.  I’m definitely not saying I’m cutting my intake of break (who would do such a thing?!?! Surprised smile), I’m just aware of how much I actually eat.  Gotta spread the love!

About two hours later I dove into a container of Fage 2% Strawberry with some WF pumpkin granola.  I’ve reached the point in the last week where I no longer feel like this greek yogurt is “disgustingly thick” – I need less and less toppings to get it down.  It’s REALLY growing on me in it’s plain old form, so I might just start buying the big 2% containers.


Today was a busy busy day and work, and it turned me into a hungry-hungry hippo!  I had another snack of hummus, black bean and corn salsa, and Kashi crackers about 2.5 hours after that. What a fantastic eatin’ day!


Hmm, note to self: take the crackers OUT of the bag before getting a photo…

Oh man, today I feel soooo energized!! I don’t know if it’s because of all the recent Green Monsters (aka, bucket loads of extra nutrients), or the fact that I’ve been eating all day, but I feel phenomenal for a Monday! Open-mouthed smile  I definitely need to figure it out and keep this up!!

Plans for tonight:

– blogging

– More house hunting while cooking dinner

– Watching The Bachelor Winking smile