Hooray for Friday!!!

I woke up S-O-R-E this morning because of yesterday’s workout (a good feeling!).  I think I definitely got a better workout at home than at the gym Open-mouthed smile….definitely going to continue the at home workouts to keep myself challenged!  However wonderfully sore I was this morning, the only thing better is stretching out those muscles and get them working again… aka spin class!

I had the other half of the Iced Gingerbread Clif bar and half a banana before I went (and some hydration!).


Workout: Endurance Ride (hard working hills, fast flats, and standing hills)

Totals: 454 cals, 14.0 miles, 52 minutes

Definitely wasn’t pulling the usual numbers today, but holy cow I felt like I was working my butt off.  But, that’s totally expected because of yesterday and I knew soreness was going to reign over me today Smile.

Right before I headed to work I made a quick PB&J on a Spelt English muffin with wheat germ, had the other half of the banana, and grabbed coffee.  I fully intended to eat this while checking my email, but I’m not sure I actually got to work before it was mostly gone…


At least today is the end of the week because I ran around the office today like a crazy person – my morning snack was eaten IN a meeting because I had about 2 minutes to get ready for it.  I had a slice of Chocolate avocado banana bread with some more peanut butter (pic stolen from yesterday because it basically looked identical Winking smile).  The PB jar is now empty enough for some overnight oats tomorrow!


Lunch came after a two-hour meeting (in which the last 20 minutes I was DYING from hunger…). I had a salad that I made last night when I made my dinner (which was also a salad). 



This one had spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, avocado, cucumber, tomato – and then I just opened a can of tuna and threw that on top.  I was crunched for time last night and completely forgot to pack dressing, so this was a really bland lunch.  I ate a Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Protein KIND bar with it, because the meal needed something a bit more tasty to go with it. 

… I can tell the days when I pack food based on me cleaning out the fridge.  My afternoon snack was just a plain old orange and a Fage 2% Strawberry Greek Yogurt (still tasty though!).   I think I also grabbed a few handfuls of some pumpkin granola in my desk stash.


And now time to RELAX do house stuff (tax forms, bank applications, emailing realtors…), blegh.   Hopefully that won’t consume too much time  – I’m sort of feeling like a night in (I feel old sometimes) because I’m WIPED out from this week.


Enjoy your Friday night!