Happy Thursday!

Since I wasn’t headed to the gym this morning, I slept in an extra 15 minutes (I’ll take what I can get!), and then nibbled on half of a seasonal Iced Gingerbread Clif Bar.  This one has a semi-strong taste of ginger (not so much the gingerbread “spices”, which I’m not particularly fond of.  Decent, but I probably won’t buy it again.


This morning’s “at home” workout went spectacular!!  I ended up doing everything on my HUGE list of exercises, and I was done in about an hour and 10 minutes (I spent a little bit of time reading notes in my book again).  All I have at home are a swiss ball, a (stupid low) resistance band, and two 8lb weights.  I could’ve definitely used something higher than the 8lb-ers, but it worked okay for today.

gym equipment

Here’s the list of exercises I did (I repeated them all a second time, except for the Planks)







Quads and Calves



I managed to cover all the basic groups, and holy BATMAN am I going to feel this tomorrow Smile.

Post “extreme workout” I had a yogurt bowl: 1 cup blueberries, Fage 2% Strawberry, ¼ cup Kashi Go Lean Protein, a dash of cinnamon, and coffee Winking smile


My morning snack was a slice of chocolate avocado banana bread with peanut butter.  I’m trying to empty out the jar JUST enough to get a good amount left for some overnight oats Winking smile


I’m pretty much flying through all my food today – work has me SWAMPED again and I just took quick camera shots.  Lunch was a bag of Sun chips, a Mayan Harvest Bake Kashi frozen dinner, and baby carrots straight out of the bag (I already had a few handfuls because I was too hungry by then Winking smile).  I didn’t eat the laughing cow cheese wedge on the left (carrots on their own today sounded quite delicious!).


Late this afternoon I had a pear and a small handful of almonds.  I sliced it up because eating a regular pear is NOT office friendly.  A knife and fork are Smile.  However, the almonds made quite a noise as I was chomping on them in the quiet office building… fail.



Have a good night!  I’m super excited for the end of the week (work = PAIN) and relaxing a little bit with friends. 


Side note: we took a trip tonight to try out the brand new frozen yogurt place near us, Ripple. It’s probiotic-packed, self serve, infinite tastings, mondo topping choices…Open-mouthed smile

but alas… the camera phone has FAILED me again and didn’t save my picture (let’s see… I had a mix of chocolate, peanut butter, cheesecake, cookies n cream, mocha latte, pomegranate blueberry, a yogurt pretzel, animal cracker, crushed cookie topping, pomegranate seeds…yea.. it was THAT epic).  Sad smile.  I guess I’ll just have to go again and get another picture. 

However, the one I took of the inside is still in my camera – self serve goodness!



Have a great night!