Happy Monday!!  I hope you aren’t subject to the ATTROCITY we’re facing here – below zero temperatures throughout the night, tons of snow and car accidents, and a high of 13 degrees today.  I’m sure tea and coffee will be consumed far beyond normal this week.

We stayed in last night morning the entire day yesterday which was phenomenal!  What a good day to relax Winking smile  I made a yummy dinner (recipe will follow lunch today) too!

Before spin today I had a half of a Maple Almond Crunch Earnest Plank and half of a banana.


Workout: Peak Performance Spin Class (aka – Anaerobic and HARD work the entire class)

Can’t remember much, it’s a Monday.  I showed up (barely, because my car was sliding around everywhere), went into “zone out Monday Mode”, and then the next thing I knew we were in our cool down (?).  Meh, it’s Monday 😉

Totals: 409 cals, 15.0miles, 46 mins

Immediately after I got home, I grabbed the other half of my Amazing Grass Chocolate Infused Powder and mixed that up with about 10 or so oz of water.  I chugged that because I was starving! 


After I finally got to my desk (driving 15 mph the whole way… FAIL), I had the other half of my bar, and an “expired” Brown Cow Strawberry Greek Yogurt.  January 7th is just a guideline right? (3 days isn’t that much) ;).  It tasted fine to me!  That was consumed with some coffee as well.


My midmorning snack was an apple and a big ol’ spoonful of Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter.  I have a huge stash of this stuff still, and I’m SAVORING it bit by bit because I want it to last a loooong time.


Lunch today was a small bag of Sun Chips, a low fat cheese stick, and some leftovers from a fantastic dinner…


Sweet Potato Split Pea Soup (my version!)

Serves: 3-4


· 1 to 2 tsp olive oil

· 1 clove of garlic, minced

· ¼ onion, chopped

· 1 cup dried split peas, rinsed and sorted

· 1 medium sweet potato, peeled and chopped

· 1 carrot, sliced (I used about 6 baby carrots)

· ½ cup edamame

· ~3 Cremini mushrooms, sliced

· 32 oz (about 4 cups) reduced sodium Vegetable Broth

· ~1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

· Dash of Cumin

· Salt and pepper, to taste


Heat olive oil in a large pot, then sauté onions and garlic until onions start turning a bit translucent.  Add in vegetable broth, carrots, sweet potato, split peas, and edamame.  Bring to a boil, and then reduce it to a simmer.  Let this simmer for 1 to 1 and ½ hours, or until desired texture of split peas (I left mine a smidge on the crunchy side, which took about 1 hr 15 min).  I added my sliced mushrooms about 40 minutes in, as they needed the least amount of cooking (just my preference).  I also added in the cumin, cayenne, and salt and pepper at this point.

This was my bowl from last night (much prettier than my lunch today).  Deeeeeelicious!


This stuff was AWESOME – Scott even had a small bowl of it.  Although it might have been because I guilted him into eating something healthy, rather than the imitation crab meat/hot dog/cheese burrito he was no doubt going to make… I’m not sure he liked it, but he ate it at least Open-mouthed smile This was perfect for a nice warm lunch.

Work was sort of chaotic today, I was hardly at my desk (yay!), but building things in the lab.  Mid-afternoon I had a slice of yesterday’s Chocolate Avocado Banana Bread.  THAT definitely made my afternoon!


Now I’m home from Whole Foods with some more goodies for the next week or so!  I didn’t get a pic of everything = my hands were WAY too cold to do that… I’m sure some things will make their way in during the next week Smile I am, however, home super late from work so I’ve gotta go pack up for tomorrow, and (hopefully) watch The Bachelor tonight!!  Scott’s got a few more houses for us to look over, so I suppose I might end up doing that.

House hunting = stressful but EXCITING! 

Have a great night!!!