This morning I slept in about two hours LATER than normal, and got up around 6:50 (yup… that’s how I sleep in Winking smile).  Scott and I have a full day ahead of us with house stuff and a birthday party so an 8am spin class was really my only option to get a workout in today.

I had half a toasted WW English muffin, PB, half a sliced banana, and some agave on top.

ww pb

And then I was still hungry so I ate half of a Peanut Butter Z Bar (photo compliments of the clifbar website… I took a picture but my camera failed and never saved it…)


Workout: Spin – Endurance AND Power Intervals

Some Tabatas, 3-5 minute intervals, 40 sec power intervals… I really tuned out everything this morning and just sort of did what I was told, but not “listening”.

Totals: ~600 cals, 18.3 miles, 1:03

I seriously think they got their schedules screwed up this week – we’ve NEVER had 3 Power Interval classes in one week like this.  It’s no wonder my legs are feeling like Jell-o.

After I got back I immediately shoved the other half of the zbar down my face, and then showered.  Then, it was time for a Green” Monster Attempt #2:

(I’ve no idea what my camera is doing today… sorry for the out of focus-ness.)


Today’s mix was quite different than yesterday’s:


This was absolutely DEEELICIOUS!!  Could NOT taste the spinach (and I didn’t have to chew any of it this time), the yogurt made it super thick and creamy, and it tasted just like a chocolate milkshake Smile.  I downed the whole thing in less than a few minutes and would’ve LOVED to drink more of it SmileSmile  I could definitely see myself being an “Amazing Grass” snob here in the next few weeks.  ooooo yummy! Must find some on sale somewhere…..

Chocolate >> Chewy greens

…. perhaps I should try buying the frozen spinach cubes…. that might fix it Winking smile