This afternoon was SO wonderful – as I spent it with my mom Smile.  I drove to Fort Collins for the afternoon to help her with some house renovations, eat out, and shop (hooooray!).

We ended up in Old Town and ate at Tasty Harmony, a little Organic Vegetarian restaurant (I’m moving my mom up the health food chain!).  We both got the lunch special of 1/2 sandwich + cup of soup, and then split everything.

(not sitting near a window = bad lighting = flash = meh… I have a point and shoot.  What can you expect? Winking smile)

choco chilli

Chocolate Chilli (yup… tasted unbelievable!) + The Reuben (marinated tempeh, homemade sauerkraut, cashew cheese and Russian dressing on Rye bread).  My food coma started before I even TASTED this Smile

Butternut squash and Basil soup + The J Bird (garlic toasted hoagie, hummus, cashew cheese, tomatoes, cukes, grilled onions and sprouts)



This was heaven! My favorite was definitely the chocolate chilli and the reuben.  Warm sandwich and a relatively light version of sauerkraut made for a deeelicious sandwich!  It was my mom’s first time eating tempeh and she loved it Open-mouthed smile.  She’s been wanting to try this place out because there are several gluten free options (my dad has Celiac’s) and she’s been trying to get him to try it out but he’s still in denial about having it (two years later haha)…I think after this, she can definitely convince him to try it out (minus the bread).  Amazing.

After lunch we shopped and shopped (and shopped)… Marshall’s (<3), Target (<3 <3), latte (<3 ❤ <3)…

The goods?



Some sealed glass jars, aged balsamic vinegar, a water bottle for my on-the-go protein shakes, the CUTEST little frying pan I have ever seen in my life, a small casserole dish, bowls for the blog, cute green ramekins, and $10 long stretchy pants (you can NEVER have too many of those).  I also got a swivel peeler – I HATE the sideways ones because I always end up slicing up my hand somehow.. (carrots are EVIL for those). 

Hmm… can you guess what my favorite color is??

Dinner was a “his vs. hers” pizza…


(He has the usual hotdog, crabmeat, spinach, cheese, hotsauce… rofl.  Mine is of course the veggie side Smile)

and then Scott and I decided to get out something he bought on Amazon that I found on the doorstep: The MultiVet Cat Training Aid.  It’s a kick A$$ motion sensor that, once it detects movement, will shoot out a (non-toxic) spray and then start wailing an alarm (omg I can’t WAIT to try this on Salami…)image

(picture from Amazon)

Our biggest issue with Salami is that he jumps on counters like you wouldn’t BELIEVE! He’s knocked things off the kitchen table, messed up our dish area, and even eaten things off dishes in the sink. The worst thing he did was take out the garbage disposal cover, throw in on the kitchen floor, and then annihilate the rubber lining around the garbage disposal entrance (shreds of rubber ALL over everything).  I’m sure this thing will be set off at some point during the night.  I’ll try and get a youtube video if at all possible in the next week Smile 

Nighty night!!