I have no idea why I still think it’s a good idea to get up at 4:45 and workout when I went to bed around 11 the night before.  Less than 6 hours of sleep does NOT produce a quality workout.  I did actually manage NOT to fall asleep while we were playing games though!

After I rolled out of bed I had a half of a banana, and a small pathetic handful of Cracklin Oatbran.


Workout: Failed Strength Training

3 x 12 squats with dumbbell

3 x 12 bench dips

3 x 12 wood chops

3 x 12 chest press

3 x 16 seated alternating row

3 x 12 shoulder press

3 x 12 adduction

3 x 12 abduction

3 x 12 seated leg extensions

3 x 12 seated leg curls

I ended early because my body was just rejecting whatever I was telling it to do.  I went home, showered, and attempted to find some food for breakfast.  I didn’t find much to pack up today – our fridge/pantry/freezer food seemed to have disappeared…

Breakfast #2 was a toasted whole wheat English muffin, PB&J + wheat germ.  I had that with the other half of a banana and coffee.  Mmmm caffeine.  I so needed two three cups to get me going today…


My mid morning snack was something I baked quite a long time ago that I happened to find hidden in my freezer this morning.  It’s a pumpkin, carrot, apple, raisin, and oat cookie (might be some applesauce in there.. oat bran?).  I’ve no idea what I did with the recipe – I’ll have to try and dig it up somewhere because I found about 5 of them total Smile. Tasty and not too sweet.


Lunch was a brand new Amy’s product: Light and Lean Pasta & Veggies (broccoli and asparagus).  I had that with a Chobani Raspberry Greek yogurt, blueberries, and an apple.



The Amy’s bowl was yummy!  It wasn’t that much food (um… 210 calories total!?) but very tasty, and not too salty Open-mouthed smile

I totally had the munchies today – not long after lunch I pulled out a bag of almonds, Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, and a Ghiradelli 72% dark chocolate square. 


And then about an hour after that I had a giant Seedlander cracker with pumpkin spice almond butter smothered on it. Weird combo, but really tasty.


Today was TOTALLY nuts at work… I was hardly at my desk and was back in the lab building stuff all day (probably causing my case of the “munchies”).  Thank goodness for Off-fridays Smile.  I’ve got some fun plans for tomorrow (sleep included!). 

Time to start filling out house-hunting paperwork, cook dinner, and SLEEP Smile

Tomorrow’s food should be a bit more interesting SmileSmile