Ok… so I might have switched up my days last night.  I did end up watching The Bachelor, but The Biggest Loser comes on tonight! Fail.  I’m actually kind of excited that Brad Womak is back as the main man – this should be an interesting season! Smile  Short recap (without giving too much away): I’m LOVING the girl who got the first impression rose, the “vampire” girl is absolutely FREAKISH, and I love the girl whose daughter is named after her ex-husband (Ricky).  I can’t wait until next Monday! However, on to today’s activities! 

I’m still indecisive on when to start switching up my gym routine – all the “New Year’s Resolutioner’s” are going to be flooding the gym at normal hours for a few weeks, so I might just stick around in the early a.m. for a while…(we’ll see how that goes).  I hate going when it’s completely crowded – fighting for machines always seems to add a good 30 minutes to a workout.. and let’s face it- I just don’t have that much time Winking smile.  This morning I had an orange and a Cookies and Cream Think Thin 100 calorie bar before I went.  I am NOT a fan of these bars – they are extremely “chalky”, but I bought a small box of them and hate wasting food Sad smile.  I’m pretty sure I only have 1 left, but it’ll take a lot to get me to eat it (perhaps drown it in a vat of yogurt?!).  That was a “Hey, this is on sale!” purchase FAIL!

pre spin

think thin

Workout: Strength and Cardio

3 x 12 modified pushups

3 x 12 assisted chin ups

3 x 12 assisted dips

3 x 12 lat pull downs

3 x 12 triceps push downs

3 x 12 glute machine

3 x 15 calf extensions

10 mins rowing machine, 20 minutes AMT

Totals (cardio only): 283 cals, 32 minutes

I actually got done with this workout in plenty of time – after a shower I ate before going to work (that happens once in a blue moon!).  I toasted up a whole wheat English muffin, cooked 2 eggs and had that with a slice of cheese Open-mouthed smile.  This >> Egg mcmuffin  YUM!


Proper hydration caffeine consumption took place at my desk.

My midmorning snack was an Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt and some WF Pumpkin Granola a few hours later.  Something warm would’ve probably been better (I’m still freezing in my office with a sweater AND a jacket!), but that’s what I packed up for today.  Oh well.  It’s just such an easy thing to pack, especially when I have a stash of granola lying around in my desk!


Lunch today was some leftovers of last night’s dinner.  Roasted veggies!  I am loving this combo lately, especially with the weather.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m really not much of a soup person, I like to have significant “substance” to whatever I eat (hearty stew >> soup).  This batch was tossed with some olive oil, salt and pepper, Italian seasoning, crushed red pepper, and thrown in a 375 degree oven for about 25 minutes (stirring halfway through). 


In it were broccoli bits, chickpeas, celery, mushrooms, edamame, and some red pepper.  I also had an apple and a few sweet potato chips.   I didn’t really get a chance to sit and enjoy eating this because I had a meeting to get to… but it was enough to warm me up at least! 

My afternoon snack wasn’t at all what I packed for today – I had some tea and a “fun size” bag of M&M’s that the office manager dropped off.  I was feeling completely off/sick today, so I was just too lazy to go get something else chocolate sounded AH-mazing.  Not the best, but it’s not like I eat candy every day Smile.  I think the chocolate made my headache go away too Winking smile.


Hopefully I’ll be able to watch some of The Biggest Loser tonight – Scott and I have a few house/financial things to get going.  We are officially starting all the paperwork and approval forms for house hunting, and a very close family friend, Sue,  is our realtor (win!).  Once we actually get a list of locations to look at, it’s going to be another challenge to balance THAT with life/work/all the other things that need to happen.  Oh how it would be awesome to have more hours in the day!

Are you someone that will eat food even though you don’t like it, just so you don’t waste it?  Perhaps I should just toss out the Think Thin bars…