So to make use of the LAST 2 DAYS of Christmas vacation, we crammed a few events in since last night.  We went to Denver with Tom and Brittany to check out Zoo Lights, and to grab dinner at one of the ONLY restaurants open on New Year’s Day: Smash Burger. I ordered Veggie Frites (flash fried asparagus and carrots) and a Black Bean Burger on a multi grain bun.

veggie frites

black bean burger

Lol, the veggie frites were actually the most disgusting thing I’ve tasted! Confused smile I only ate a few just to try them, but they were eeeeexxxxtra slimy and SUPER soggy.  Not to mention that they might have been just sitting around for a few days hours.  The Black Bean Burger was just okay – the patty was about twice the size of the bun, so I cut around the edges and left half of that too.  Overall taste?  Definitely not worth going back for another…

smash burger

Tom and Brittany liked their smash chicken and smashburger a lot better! (onion rings and regular fries tasted better than the veggie frites too).  I’ve got no pictures of Zoo lights either because I was SO cold my toes and fingers were hurting! I never bothered to get out my camera Winking smile.  Zoo lights was pretty darn amazing however – check out the site if you want to see the lights!

Since today is the last hoorah before work starts up again, Scott and I got up at the crack of dawn to break in our new Snowshoeing gear he got us for Christmas.  I packed a rather hefty portion of overnight oats for the road too Winking smile

overnight oats

(it’s WAY to early for this…)






Yup, we started out at around 8:45am, and it was THAT freaking cold out!!!  However, when you bundle up as much as we did you really couldn’t feel anything (no wind thank goodness)


I have no idea how this thing got there (it’s not a waterfall), but somewhere in the hike we got to this MASSIVE ice block




Super steep hill we fell/rolled down…. our paths say it all!

death hill

Fuel time!

cliff bar




Now lunch time! WW PB&J Bagel with wheat germ… and some hot chocolate Smile I packed up some baby carrots (*Smacks head*)… but they completely FROZE by lunch time.




You could see all the snow blowing right off the peaks!


Warmest I’ve ever been in the snow Smile.  3 shirts, 3 pairs of socks, 3 layers of pants, and a face mask.  Epic win!

butt cold


Scott swears I’m in there somewhere…



5 hour trek through fresh powder = 2 Ibuprofen and a nap in the car Winking smile


going to bed EARLY tonight Smile

Back to work and back to normal life tomorrow (yay!).