That. Spin. Class. Annihilated me! But it was EPIC.  The spin room was absolutely packed (over 50 people in there) and I got one of the last bikes when I arrived – they had to kick people out during the first 5 or so minutes because there wasn’t any room.  Lol, even the instructors gave their bikes up so more people could get in. 

Workout: Random Sets throughout the 1.5 hours

Segments of Tabatas, Hills, Power Intervals, Sprints… you name it we did it.

Totals: ~860 cals, 24.4 miles, 1:27 time = totally ready for some tasty drinks and appetizers later tonight!

After a shower, I shoved my face full of the most amazing grilled apple and cheese (Brie)sandwich on some Sprouted Grains Bread!  I had that alongside some baby carrots, hummus, the leftover apple slices with cinnamon, and a coconut water.




Now that I’m properly showered, STUFFED, I think it’s quite appropriate to do a New Year’s Post!  There’s definitely a few things I want to work on/accomplish this year!

  • Buy a House

I’m literally trembling just thinking about it – I’m SO excited about finally getting out of our little apartment that’ we’ve lived in for over 3 years.  I can almost taste the awesomeness of having our own washer and dryer, a kitchen that has more than 1 counter top to use, and just a place that Scott and I can decorate and call “our home”. Open-mouthed smile My only issue is going to be having a little patience – if the places we look at just aren’t right this year, I’ll just have to be okay with that.  It’s definitely something we don’t need to rush into.

  • Attend a Blog Conference

BlogHer Food is coming up in August, the (third) annual Foodbuzz Festival is also sometime next year.  I think it’d be amazing to go to one and meet a few of the people I’ve been stalking following for the past year or so. (Sometimes, you just end up reading someone’s blog for a good hour or two and completely lose track of time!).  If my work let’s me off (assuming I accumulate enough vacation) and I can save up for it, I’d LOVE to go to one/both of these.

  • Break Free of My “Schedules”

I’m an Engineer, I like logic, planning, and thinking ahead. These are just things I’m naturally wired to do.  I tend to stick to a set schedule and am definitely a “creature of habit” – certain things tend to get on my nerves when they don’t “follow the plan” or “aren’t completely thought through all the way”.  That’s definitely something I want to try and break free from, or at least get better at.  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do that either – I guess I just need to start changing up a few things bit by bit.  Perhaps one thing to start is to change up my gym routine.  I’m sure NOT waking up at 4:45am every single morning might be good for me. Winking smile  Maybe I’ll just go when I feel like it rather than when it seems logical… (maybe!)

  • Volunteering/Service

My church usually sponsors families every year at Christmas, but this year they did something different, called C.O.A.L. (Christmas On Another Level).  It’s basically just taking the “holiday spirit” and applying it throughout the year.  Scott and I want to try to continue to keep giving our monthly charity money, as well as try to incorporate a big/semi-big event once a month (minimum).  We did Habitat for Humanity once this year and I’d like to get back into that, or helping out at some food banks.  It might take a little time to find certain things we want to do, but it’s extremely rewarding Open-mouthed smile.

  • Continue on my Eating/Fitness/Back Health regime – and get Scott to as well (…. that might be a little stretch.. Winking smile)

I’ve honestly come a long way over the past two years with my back and overall health.  I owe it completely to eating better, NOT playing soccer anymore Crying face, stopping impact exercise, and working out 5 or 6 days a week.  It’s amazing how a few little changes can make all the difference in the world.  I guess my only goal is to try and challenge myself a bit more and not get too comfortable with my workouts – and continue to eat/try new foods. (The other half of the goal is to help Scott find some sort of workout he can keep up with… on a regular basis Winking smile)

  • Continue to Improve and Expand the Blog

The blog is only 2.5 months old so I’m still learning a TON about the CSS coding, styles, added tools and what not.  I’ve realized that I will probably never get too much better at my photography either.  I would like to, but there’s no room or time during my workday to bring an expensive, big camera around.  My point and shoot camera will be the photo-taking object of choice for quite a while.

I’m sure I’ll think of some more in the next few weeks, but I feel like that’s a great place for me to start off the year!


What are some of your resolutions?