Good morning!! It’s a cold one here – currently 34 degrees and snowing like craaazy! I mean it’s literally dumping snow! SmileSmile

I slept in a bit this morning, which gave me a much better workout!  I had half a whole wheat English muffin with some peanut butter beforehand just to get something in my belly Winking smile  I had a smidge of chocolate almond milk as well.


Workout: Strength Training

3 x 12 squats with dumbbell

3 x 12 bench dips

3 x 12 wood chops

3 x 12 chest press

3 x 16 seated alternating row

3 x 12 shoulder press

3 x 12 adduction

3 x 12 abduction

3 x 12 seated leg curls

3 x 12 leg extensions

3 x 12 standing lunges with dumbbell

3 x 12 rear lateral raises with dumbbell

Planks: 60 sec front, 45 sec each side

When I got home I made a protein PACKED yogurt bowl (oh yea muscle recovery!): a Fage 2% Strawberry, a sliced kiwi, handful of blueberries, some rolled oats, a bit of canned pumpkin, and some Cracklin Oat Bran (yum!).  I of course had this with some much needed caffeine!

yogurt bowl

Colorful and insanely delicious! I could almost eat another one! (almost!)

Now, I’m supposed to be getting an hour long back massage in a little bit (thanks to my AH-Mazing husband!!), but I’m a little skeptical about driving out in this madness.  I went to the gym this morning and there was nothing around – the second I get out of the shower I think we’ve accumulated an inch or two of snow already.  Meh, I might call and reschedule another day – I HATE driving in snow Sad smile… and the massage place isn’t exactly near our apartment either. 

Hmmm, it just seems like the kind of day to stay indoors, cuddle up with a book and hot cocoa, and do nothing….