Holy cow am I going to miss this week off when I have to go back to work on Monday!!  There’s nothing like sleeping in a bit, having a completely stress free (no time crunch) workout SmileSmile.  Before I went to the gym this morning, I had the usual half a banana, water, and half of a Vanilla Almond Luna Bar – I’ve got so many bars now they’ll probably show up daily for the next MONTH.

breakfast 1

I had a pretty laid back workout today – last night’s Power Interval Spin session left me quite sore/tired and it just seemed to take me forever to get through what I wanted to.


3 x 12 modified pushups

3 x 12 assisted chin ups

3 x 12 assisted dips

3 x 12 lat pull downs

3 x 12 triceps push downs

3 x 12 glute machine

3 x 15 calf extensions

3 x 12 triceps press

I finished that up with 30 minutes on the Adaptive Motion Trainer.  I’ve been calling this thing the elliptical for the past 9 months because NO WHERE on the stupid machine does it say what it is.  I finally asked a manager at the gym this morning because I HAD to know what this dumb thing was!  It’s similar to an elliptical, but SO much better.  Do you ever get on an elliptical and the “strides” just don’t feel right for your body?  It either ends up hurting your knees or you feel like your moving in such an unnatural way it’s uncomfortable?  This thing is pretty AH-SUM in the fact that it moves how your body moves – check out the site to see. 

I only asked the manager because when Scott and I (eventually) get a house, I would want an Elliptical.  I’ve definitely changed my mind about it and would rather have one of these instead (I’ve yet to look up the cost, but am VERY scared to).

Totals: ~305 cals, 32 mins (cardio only)

I came home and immediately made a half a whole wheat english muffin, half a banana, peanut butter, and agave mess.  I’m meeting Brittany and two other girls here in about an hour and I needed to get something in my system AND still be hungry for lunch later Smile


Scarfed that down, showered, and am now caffeinating myself properly!


Time to go meet up with the girlies, eat, and then I’ve got MORE errands to run today Sad smile.  Boo.  However, I’m seeing a snowshoeing trip in the near future, AND some fun for New Year’s Eve!   Oooooh I can’t WAIT!