After cleaning the apartment (round 2) for about 3 hours, I worked up quite the appetite!  I made a giant salad, ate a Kind Bar, and had a glass of milk for lunch:



The Kind bar was a new flavor for me, Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio, which was deeeee-licious!!

Salad: spinach, red pepper, tomato, Gardenburger veggie burger, the last clementine, a bit of some nitrate free turkey I got yesterday, avocado, cucumber, Italian dressing, and some sweet potato chips on the side Smile.  This didn’t last me terribly long (salads NEVER do for me), but it got me through some more cleaning.

Mid afternoon I munched on a Brown Cow Strawberry Greek Yogurt, a banana, and some Nature’s Path cereal.  I was starving and wanted something to last long enough to get me through my spin class two hours later.


Workout: Power Interval Spin Class

The new instructor was AH-SUM!  She changed things up just about every song so it made the 4 stages and 60 minutes breeze by!  We did a bunch of Tabata Intervals (aka… short intense intervals with small recovery in between), a few longer intervals (3 min max), and a few sprints that got us up to our anaerobic range.

Totals: 607 cals, 20 miles, 1:05 time

I FLEW through the class tonight – I might not like going to the gym at night (I do prefer the early morning sessions – less people and I get a workout out of the way) but I sure as heck perform a lot better!

I came home to a husband prepping dinner! Open-mouthed smile  We had a “his vs. her”s” pizza again:


His side (left half): I’m not entirely sure of it all, but it DID have imitation crab meat, hot dog, a bucket load of cheese, tomato, mushroom, spinach, and he drizzled a random mixture on it of warmed butter and soy sauce (wtf??!? lol).

…. *confused look*

My side had the usual: tomato, spinach, mushroom, red pepper, cheese, and a ton of tomato sauce.  I ate 3/4 of my half of the pizza shown above (spin = hun-GARY) – I had to go back for another slice after I gobbled up these two Smile


Now for some tea, video games (heck yea!!), and relaxing!  I’ve got quite a busy day tomorrow as well – we’re getting the last two bridesmaid’s fitted for Brittany’s wedding!!

Nighty night Smile