OMG, I honestly can’t believe WHERE the time has gone!??!?!?  Scott and I are actually going to be celebrating our one year anniversary VERY soon (Jan 30th!!). 



(How Kick A$$ is our cake?!?!?! – Totally MY idea Winking smileWinking smile)


(Extra Sheet Cake)


(Individualized Cupcakes for the Bridal Party!)



As you may know, the one year anniversary is the “Paper” anniversary and I definitely want to follow the anniversary gift ideas throughout the next 60+ years Smile.  I need some help getting some good and unique ideas for a present for Scott (something sentimental, not “naughty”).

Ok, now that my mind is thinking away at gift ideas, back to today!

I LOVE having a super productive today: ran errands, grocery shopped, picked up a package, and cleaned Open-mouthed smile  However, it’s only day 1 of my week off and I’m absolutely DEAD!  Shopping nearly killed me…

I packed up some food for the road: about 1/3 cup of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, and a small handful of almonds.  That was really all I had laying around – and it was good I packed it since I didn’t even make it through errand #1 without eating it all…


I ran around town, and then ended up at the grocery store (… no surprise).  I got a few gift cards for Christmas (yup, I asked for food gift cards for the holidays!! Open-mouthed smile), and spent one entire card already!  Sprouts Farmers Market gave me TONS of groceries and good fresh food, but mainly this:


This is actually my entire bar supply at the moment – I only had about 3 of the little ones left before I bought the FARM today.  I usually don’t buy Clif bars, but they were seriously on sale… so I ended up with about 10 of them in my cart (curse you delicious sounding flavors: Banana Nut Bread, Chocolate Almond Fudge, Chocolate Brownie, Cool Mint Chocolate, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Maple Nut, something with Toffee in it).  There were a few Clif Z bars, Kind Bars, Luna Bars, Larabars, a Green Superfood Bar, and an Odwalla bar thrown in there as well.  My biggest problem??? – Fitting all this in a cabinet somewhere!  Fail.

Solution: while cleaning the apartment I re-used an old tissue box to store these in (for now) Smile


Another splurge of mine from the gift card was some Tempeh.  I’ve been wanting to just give this stuff a try, but didn’t want to spend “money” on it.  Thank you Santa Winking smile.  I got a box of Spicy Veggie Tempeh, sautéed a few slices of it in some olive oil, and then made a big. freaking. sandwich.


Two slices of Rudi’s 7-grain with Flax bread, a bit of hummus, spinach, 1/4 of an avocado, about half of a roma tomato, and alfalfa sprouts with the tempeh.  I had some Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Popchips on the side (another splurge).

This thing was insanely filling, but I think I’m going to have to experiment with flavoring the Tempeh.  I’ve never cooked it before, so that’s why I bought the flavored kind – it was still quite bland.  I think next time I need to marinade it in something (teriyaki sauce, soy sauce…etc) before cooking it.  Either way, this thing held me over a good 4 and a half hours before I ate a few Satsumas (straight from my Grandparent’s backyard in Louisiana).  The trip home was a little rough on them, but they made it okay Smile.  I didn’t eat the cheese stick either – I was too full Winking smile


Side note: Satsumas are very similar (in taste and size) of a clementine, but they are in fact different.

Alright, I’ve got to go finish up MORE cleaning (tomorrow as well Sad smile).


Have a great night!