Merry Christmas!!!  I hope you are having a wonderful time with friends and family today!! I’m back in Colorado now, and have been spending the day with my in-laws!  Scott got me last night from the airport, and then we arrived at his parents house for their Polish Christmas dinner!!

I want to recap the other food (not all food shown – there was a TON) and Christmas celebrations I already had however (I’m up to a total of three now!)

Oatmeal with apples, cinnamon, peanut butter… and coffee


Red Beans and Rice, baby carrots/chips and guacamole

red beans and carrots


Christmas #1 at my mom’s parents house!

christmas tree

Green Bean Casserole, Corn, Pot Roast

pot roast

Sweet Potatoes, Salad, Wine


My plate at dinner

mhy dinner

My Grandma’s Sweet Potato Pound Cake and Neapolitan Ice Cream

sweet potato pound cake

Gramma and Grampa –awwww 🙂


My wonderful dad!


My mom and her parents 🙂

mom n grams

My brother gave my mom an AWESOME new pea coat!


My older brother and I 🙂 – he’s got me by two years


Breakfast the day after- Strawberry Activia, cheerios, banana, and coffee


And behold, the infamous Po-Boy’s!  We got three kinds – roast beef, oyster, and shrimp.  Basically, it’s fried ingredients shoved in toasted french bread, slathered in mayo, lettuce, and tomato.  Needless to say I didn’t have that much to eat 🙂



poboy3 oyster

I ate three leeeeetle strips of each, and tried to add some veggies to all of it

my poboys

Another Christmas with my dad’s dad – my grandma passed away a year ago 😦


Christmas dinner #2  – My version of added stuff to it! Red Beans and Rice, vegetables, an apple

xmas dinner 2

Airport Breakfast on the way home the next day! Cornflakes, banana, yogurt

airport breakfast

Snack on the plane – a Kind Bar :):) Yummmmm –o


Lunch on the flight – a grilled chicken subway salad with guacamole


After Scott picked me up from the airport we got into quite the ping pong match with his parents

paul ping pong

Scott’s moving WAY too fast!!

scott ping pong

Then we had our Christmas with his family!

christmas three

Scott and his mom opening gifts

scott and mom

Scott trying out a new golf club!

scott golf

geri present

paul present

I got Scott the sunglasses he was asking for 🙂

scott sunglasses

My epic surprise from Scott (and for himself) was SNOWSHOES!!!!!!!!!


We are SOOO going sometime soon!!

This morning for Christmas, I made everyone Angela’s Pumpkin Scones that I tried a few weeks ago!  Everyone LOVED them :):):):):):):)

pumpkin scones

And, since it STILL hasn’t snowed in Colorado yet… we actually golfed 9 holes! Check out this light jacket weather!


Now we’re just back at my in-laws house relaxing and watching a movie :).  Scott’s best friend Mike is coming over in a bit with his Kinect and Xbox…. I see this evening going GREAT!  I hope you all enjoy the holidays with friends and family!!

Merry Christmas!