*Dances around my computer*  I’m free!! Christmas vacation has officially started!  I only have about a hundred things to do/stress over in the next few days, but at least I don’t have to worry about work.  (although, I AM on call the week after Christmas, if some random Engineering emergency arises!)  Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile

This morning I had probably the biggest banana I have ever seen in my life.  I had to cut the thing in half because it wouldn’t fit on my plate lol. Peanut butter was smothered on this, and I had a side glass of orange juice before spin this morning.


Workout: Another Best Spin Class of my LIFE

Random sprints, hills, fast flats, working flats, awesome music, CROWDED spin room (37 people)

I hit a new personal best for average wattage (150) and mph (19) Winking smileSmile It’s not like I’m a triathlete or anything, but I was pretty darn stoked with those numbers (who can blame me – it’s freaking 5:45 in the MORNING!)

Totals: 462 cals 15.6 miles 51 mins

I came to work and sat down with a Brown Cow Vanilla Greek Yogurt, about ½ cup Nature’s Path cereal (most of it is already stirred in here), and half the Luna cookies n cream bar from yesterday. (+ coffee + milk)


I a little while later, the office admin came around again with something she wanted me to try.  This was a little cup with garbanzo beans mixed with some/all (?) of a Fiesta Ranch packet?  I’m not quite sure what it was, but it was TASTY (but highly salty Sad smile… only a few bites however). 


Around 11:30, our company had our holiday “luncheon” of pizza.  I knew about this last night, so when I was making my salad for dinner, I packed a side salad for today… just so that I’d keep from eating more pizza.  I had two slices of thin crust, one was Canadian bacon and pineapple, the other was a veggie with artichoke, mushrooms, banana peppers, onions, tomatoes…etc.  Tasty and filling!! AND, I got extra veggies in without chomping down on MORE pizza! Win!


I didn’t exactly grab the “smallest pieces” of pizza I could find (c’mon.. who eats JUST the teeny ones?!??), so this held me for quiiiiiiite some time Smile

Since I put in so much extra time in work earlier this week, I left about an hour earlier than  normal – and had to run some errands (aka… Christmas Shopping for Scott!).  Now, I’m home and have to do about a hundred OTHER things before Brittany’s Holiday Cookie Party in a few hours!  Oh you better BELIEVE I will get some pictures.. she always goes NUTS with recipes that you could literally die from a food coma from eating! I’m completely looking forward to doing just that! Smile

I hope you have an excellent Friday night! HOORAY for the weekend!