Well… how’s a good old 12, for hours worked today? FAIL Sad smile.


I crashed last night only about 2 hours after I got home from work, but managed to squeeze in a decent dinner and Scott and I were able to catch up on a few shows (Lie to Me and the Amazing Race!). 

I started off this morning with a half of a banana, and the other half of the Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar from the other day. 


Workout: Hills

Warm up 

Hill 4 min (2 resistance increases)

2 min recovery

6 min hill (3 resistance increases)

2 min recovery

6 min hill (3 resistance increases)

2 min recovery

8 min hill (4 resistance increases)

6 min working flat

10 min hill (5 resistance increases)

2 min working flat

Cool down

Totals: ~585 cals, 18.3 miles, 1:07 time

Breakfast #1 was a whole wheat bagel, peanut butter, strawberry jam, the other half of the banana, and coffee + milk.  So starts the work PAIN!!!


Goodies in the break room from our corporate office – prepackaged cookies, cakes..etc.  I passed on it ALL lol.


This was all devoured in less than an hour and a half by less than 30 people.  (double fail!)

Lunch was a huge chunk of leftover lasagna, two clementines, and a Vita Coco peach and mango Coconut Water (deeelish). (I was able to take a walk again today in our NICE 60+ degree weather!). SmileSmileSmileSmile


About 2 hours later, I was annoyed, hungry, and INSANELY SLEEPY!.  An Apple and a Diet Coke was consumed. 


Yes, it’s one of THOSE days.  This was a horrible mix of mainly carbs and pretty darn useless liquid (at least I was drinking something).  I definitely could have used some protein in that snack… but I didn’t pack well enough and I really didn’t want to raid the company “snack stash”.  Better luck tomorrow in my planning.

I also probably ate too much fruit today (yes you can do that!)… I need more veggies and probably a good mix of carbs/protein for dinner!


Now… packing for tomorrow, watch less than 1 hour of TV, sleep Open-mouthed smile.  One more day of FAIL coming your way!!