Last night was a cram!  I didn’t get dinner ready until almost 8:30, and Scott and I were practically dying by then!  I have no pictures and no recipe from last night… which will be featured in today’s lunch.  Vegetarian Lasagna… a mix of about 3 recipes and whatever I had in my fridge.  Not pretty, but veeeery delicious! 

I was so excited this morning because this is my last week of work before Christmas vacation starts (and I get to see my family!!).  BUT, first up, breakfast!

Before spin, I had a half of a pretty dead banana, milk, and half of a S’mores Luna bar.


Workout: One Long Endurance Ride

Warm up

Segment 1: (Repeat 3x) 5min intervals, increase resistance every interval, 1 min rest in between

Segment 2: Continuing with increasing resistance from Segment 1

(Repeat 3x) 5min intervals, increase resistance every interval, 1 min rest in between.  Have the option to stand on minutes 2 and 4 of every interval.

Cool down

Totals: ~503 cals, 14.6 miles, 54 mins (completely focused on watts and mileage per interval)

I showered, raced to work, and sat down with a carb/protein breakfast: a whole wheat bagel with PB&J (and coffee + milk).


Mid morning snack was a Brown Cow Vanilla Greek Yogurt, some leftover strawberry jam I had from my bagel, and WF pumpkin Granola (I bought WAY too much of this stuff a while back and the supply seems endless… it’s tasty though!)


Lunch was a super large Fuji apple, a Vita Coco Acai and Pomegranate Coconut water, and some vegetarian lasagna from last night’s dinner.  This coconut water was pretty darn tasty! I like how packaging companies have moved away from those little straws they attached… it’s just a little foil thing you peel off now.  MUCH easier!


AND, since it was freaking 60 degrees out, I went for a REALLY quick 20 minute walk to stretch out the old back muscles.


Late late afternoon snack was a laughing cow light swiss cheese wedge, and about half a bag of sugar snap peas.  I was STARVING 5 hours after I ate lunch….


So yea.. everything is rush-posted today.  This week is literally going to own my soul – I already worked 10 hours today, and am fully anticipating eating breakfast, lunch, AND dinner at work tomorrow Sad smile (Wooo working 60 hours in 4 days.  It kind of reminds me of College and cramming for all my Engineering exams at the end of a semester, except I can’t just take a “failing” grade on an assignment.  This crud HAS HAS HAS HAS to get done before vacation starts Sad smileSad smile

This week’s blogging is probably just going to be short sentences and pictures… of hopefully decent food.  My goal is to try and stay on top of my diet and exercise this week, especially since all the extra stress is going to put everything out of whack.  If I get a chance to put up the lasagna recipe, I will… but yea… I’m not counting on it in the next few days.  Just stick with me and next week should be more interesting… since I’ll be on VACATION!

I’m off to try and relax a little bit, pack up a TON of food to get me through tomorrow, and probably play some games with Scott or read to get my mind off of work! 

What do you do to relax when work is WAY stressing you out??