This morning’s pumpkin scones rocked my world SmileSmile.  I can’t WAIT to eat my other one tomorrow!

I did manage to scramble into the (VERY crowded) gym today for a quick 45 minutes workout.  I did 10ish minutes of rowing, and then did 30ish on the elliptical.  It just felt good to get the old muscles moving after all the laziness this morning and the delicious food of last night.

Totals: ~360 cals, 46 minutes

I came home, showered, and then assembled a veeeery tasty/random lunch! Half of a whole wheat bagel (I actually took the time to slice a half of a bagel in half…*smacks head*), two slices of turkey, a laughing cow light swiss cheese wedge, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, a sliced Fuji apple with peanut butter, and then a side of Hot Chipotle Hummus (Blue Moose Hummus has no website Sad smile)  with some sweet potato chips and sugar snap peas. 


extra lunch

Scott and I got a TON done this afternoon: wrapping presents, apartment cleaning… etc.

Dinner was a free-for-all dinner because Tom and Brittany were coming over to watch this week’s Glee and play a game of Settlers of Catan (awesome game btw!) Smile  I had a random salad, a Golden Corn VitaTop with some Earth Balance, and some chocolate almond milk.


Spinach, 2 eggs, cheese, kidney beans, cucumbers, red peppers, raisins, almonds, with an Italian dressing.

And then of course I had a nightly snack of some cereal.. which usually is me mixing together every single kind of cereal I own.  This one was Quaker Oat Squares, Kashi Heart to Heart, Kashi go lean protein, Kashi Honey Puffs, and Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes.  Kashi cereal is ah-mazing Smilecereal

Awesome night with awesome friends Smile  Time to head to bed and get some sleep for the LAST day of the weekend Sad smile.  It goes by WAY too quickly.

I hope you had a great Saturday!!