Last night I got a good amount of sleep… because I went to bed around 8:45 Open-mouthed smile.  It’s so easy to sleep that early when your head is already drooping doing whatever it is you’re doing.  Because of the good nights sleep (my back muscles didn’t freak out last night either – Double Win!), I had a very good ride this morning!

I shoved down a pretty hefty pre-workout spread: a whole mashed banana (the thing was about 95% BROWN, about 2 T canned pumpkin, 1t vanilla, and spread that on two slices of toasted Rudi’s Organic 7-Grain with Flax bread.  I also drizzled some Agave (Madhava brandlocal!!) on it Smile. And since everything looked pretty squishy, I added some Quaker Oat Squares on top.  I’ve almost eaten another box of that stuff, and need to not buy it this time around.  That. Stuff. Is. Crack.

breakfast ingredients


Workout: Friday Morning Extended Spin!

Warm up

Flat (3 min), Fast Flat (3 min), Hill (3 min), Flat (2 min), Standing Hill (3 min), Fast Flat (3 min), Recovery (2 mins)

Fast Flat (3 min), Hill (4 mins): standing (1min), seated (1min), standing (1min), seated (1min), Flat (4 min), Sprint (2 min), Hill (3 min), Flat (2 min)

Cool down

But, I stayed extra long since I don’t have to work today (hooray!).  Basically, I turned on my Zune, and pedaled away!!

Totals: ~855 cals, 25 miles, 1:32 time (slow, but it gets the job done Smile)

I came home a sweaty mess, as always, showered, and sat down with a HUGE cup of coffee Open-mouthed smile.


I had to run a TON of errands today (Christmas shopping is now DONE Winking smile), and right before I left I grabbed a snack of an apple, and a “salad” of a microwaved egg, kidney beans, spinach, cheese, and a little hot sauce.  My body probably needed a good dose of protein after this morning’s ride.


Phone camera flash fail.

I was out running errands, and then Brittany and I met up at Turley’s for lunch Smile.  Yumm-O!  I ordered the Scrambled Tofu (just like last time… because it was so amazing).  I ate the whole plate lol. (Rudi’s Whole Wheat Roll on the side)

scrambled tofu

This dish is sooooo delicious.  It’s a little salty (for my taste), but it’s one of those you can’t stop eating, even though you’re STUFFED!  Brit and I chatted it up for a while (I haven’t had a chance to see her due to all the craziness of this week, and our work schedules Sad smile), which was AWESOME to catch up.  We walked over to a Whole Foods where I bought some… get this… chocolate coconut butter.  tee hee – I can hardly wait to use this!! Smile

More errands were run, I got my nails done, and now I’ve gotta shower because we have another Christmas party to attend!! Smile Busy busy day!!

I hope you have a good Friday! Smile I’ve got some delicious recipes planned for tomorrow, so my eating day is going to be glo-rious!