I can’t remember the last time I started falling asleep at 8:30… but it hit me HARD while we  were over at our friends playing games last night.  Epic Fail.  I somehow managed to zone out enough, not fall asleep, and stumble home around 10:15 with Scott leading the way (if any neighbors saw me, they would have assumed I was drunk, not tired).  Late night = not much sleep = pretty pointless workout = sleepy at work = easily annoyed because I was sleepy but had SO MUCH TO DO! /end rant. Smile

Early morning 5 am noms: a clementine, small glass of milk, and a pathetic handful of Quaker Oat Squares.  Coffee might have been a better decision Winking smile


Yup.  That’s about how today went lol.  I spent a grand total of 35 minutes at the gym today, before realizing that my body just wasn’t going to get much more done.  The attempted workout looked something like:

3 x 12 squats w/ dumbbell, 3 x 12 bench dips, 3 x 12 wood chops, 3 x 12 chest press, 3 x 16 alternating seated row, 3 x 12 shoulder press, 3 x 12 adduction, 3 x 12 abduction, 3 x 12 calf extension, 3 x 12 leg curls

After I got to work (quite early I must say) I rummaged up a whole wheat English muffin, peanut butter, banana slices, and agave for a decent breakfast!


Then, I literally have no freaking clue what happened today.  We’re pushing extreme deadlines right before the holidays, so everyone’s in full-fledged panic mode.  Plus, a lot of our engineers are gone next week for an early vacation, so it was a scramble to pass off work, get things done, and get an overall sense of organization before we take our break. 

Basically, here’s what I shoved down my face today… I’m pretty sure everything was eaten in under 5 or 10 minutes lol. 


Snack #1: Half of a Gnu bar in my stash.

lunch mess

Lunch: I ran across the street and stocked up on: 6” grilled chicken on honey oat, pepper jack cheese, absolutely every vegetable except pickles, milk, sun chips, and apples. (except I couldn’t eat the apples because I was full already)


Snack #2: the lunch apples plus a small spoonful of pumpkin spice almond butter Smile

It always seems like there’s such a rush at the end of the year to meet deadlines.. sort of the “Dreaded December Deadlines” as it’s starting to become known as in my building…  Hopefully I can get everything done next week with so many people out of the office.  I’m guessing a lot of 11 or 12 hour work days are headed my way Confused smile

Time for dinner, finishing up Christmas shopping, sending a few emails, and then BED!! (oh how much I can’t WAIT to get to sleep!)