I sort of failed at packing food last night for today – except for my breakfast.  The evening just went by too quickly and I just wish I would have had ONE more hour to get things done… (don’t we all??!)

Breakfast #1 today was a small bowl of a half of a banana, some Kashi Heart to Heart, a small blob of peanut butter, and a bit of milk.


Workout: Hour long Spin Class

Warm up

Stage 1: 10 min Fast Flat

increase resistance every 3 minutes, stand on the last minute… go as far as you possibly can in the 10 mins

Stage 2: 12 minute Hill, increasing resistance

increasing resistance every 2 minutes on the hill

Stage 3: Sprints

(Repeat 5x) 1 min on sprinting your guts off , 1 min off

Stage 4: Random Circuit

2 mins Fast Flat, 3 mins Hill, 2 mins Spring, 3 mins, Fast Flat

Cool down

Totals: 577 cals, 15.8 miles, 1:06

I had a darn good spin class this morning, even though my usual bike was taken *grumble grumble*.  I am one to use the same bike every day because I know how the resistance on it changes and what “starting setting” I can be on.  Sadly, it was in use when I got there this morning… and the one I WAS using was really sketchy with resistance changes.  It kept going in and out of high/low resistances with the TEENIEST changes… Fail! Meh, I guess I can’t complain too much with the change of scenery Smile

Breakfast #2 today was a result of me being COMPLETELY indecisive!! Hence, Everything Overnight Oats In a Jar was created:


¼ cup rolled oats, .5 smushed banana, 3T canned pumpkin, ½ cup milk, ½ tsp vanilla, ½ tsp Maca Powder, 1T chia seeds, 1t unsweetened cocoa powder, topped with a drizzle of agave, peanut butter, and WF pumpkin granola Winking smile.  This literally had EVERYTHING: banana, vanilla, pumpkin, peanut butter, chocolate.  All of my favorites in one delicious breakfast… served with coffee + milk of course!

My lunch packing last night consisted of me throwing a bunch of random things in my bag, and then just winging it today.  I ended up with a turkey, cheese, hummus, and steamed vegetable whole wheat wrap and an apple on the side. A bit strange, but it worked for me. I didn’t have much time to eat again as I was finally FINISHING the project I started two days ago.  We’re pushing a big schedule, so yea… I’m in uber-rush mode this week..


My snack a few hours later was a Chocolate Brownie Gnu bar and some Tazo Tea. 


I was getting a major headache this afternoon, and then realized I had not been drinking anything like I normally do… hence the tea Smile.  I usually forget to do that when I’m back in the lab and not at my desk Sad smile.  BUT, now that my little project is done, I’m back to the regular sitting on my butt for 9 hours again…


I’ve got a ton to do tonight before Scott and I head out to a friends apartment for a game night!!  The day goes by too fast and it sort of makes me furious that I can’t squeeze in just a few more things into my day… (…. fail…) I’m sort of starting to think that I need to finish my holiday shopping however.  Amazon = easy peasy shopping (and inexpensive too!).  I hope you have a good Wednesday night!!