Last night wasn’t as bad as I expected for sleeping, but it wasn’t great by any means.  I woke up around 4:30 still really sore and decided that I’d go to the gym anyways, do a light workout, and see if I couldn’t work out some of the kinks in my muscles.

I had the other half of my Vanilla Almond Luna Bar, some milk, and an Ibuprofen for breakfast #1! Yay for pain meds!! (only in extreme moderation that is!) Open-mouthed smile



Workout: Strength and Cardio

3 x 12 modified pushups on a bar

3 x 12 assisted chin ups

3 x 12 assisted dips

3 x 12 lat pull downs

3 x 12 triceps pushdown

3 x 12 glute machine

3 x 15 calf extensions

I did 10 mins on the rowing machine and then finished up with 20 mins on the elliptical

Totals for cardio: ~277 cals

Exercise is nature’s pain medicine!! I seemed to get all the knots out and stopped feeling any pain sometime during the rowing machine SmileSmile It’s one thing to walk away from a hard workout knowing you just owned it, but it’s another thing to walk away feeling stretched out and relaxed beyond reason. W.I.N.

All the food I packed for today was done with intense minimal effort.  I had NO urge to be up and about in the kitchen last night.  I literally sat around and did nothing Smile.

Breakfast #2 was eaten at work : a banana, PB &J with flaxseed, coffee + milk!


I was back in the lab again today, trying to finish up yesterday’s work (which will now continue through tomorrow).  I was a bit more careful today about how I was sitting/working/standing…etc in order to avoid yesterday’s pain and anguish. 

I had lunch about 4 hours later – which was an Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Tikka Masala.  I added some veggies to it and had two clementines on the side. 



These things really don’t look appetizing once they come out of the microwave.. but yea.. they taste pretty darn freaking good for a frozen dinner (just mix everything together!).

I scarfed that down, went back to work, and then resurfaced for some more fuel about 3 hours after… I polished what was left of a bag of chips and had that with some Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.


Hopefully tomorrow I can pack some better food – or at least do more of my own prep work… all I did was make a PB&J haha. I gotta do a bit better tomorrow! Smile