Man oh man did I wake up with the case of the Monday’s Sad smile. I was SO enjoying yesterday’s day off (of pretty much everything) that I had about zero motivation to get myself going today. At least it’s a short work week for me!!

I had half a Vanilla Almond Luna Bar and a clementine before spin this morning.  We just bought a whole case of the clementine’s a few days ago and they are tasty!  I will mostly likely be eating a ton of these things so they don’t go bad.


Workout: Power Intervals

Warm up

Stage 1: Intervals with equal recovery time (one LONG a@% stage)

Segment 1:

3 mins working extremely hard, 3 mins “recovery”

2 mins working extremely hard, 2 mins “recovery”

1 min working extremely hard, 1 min “recovery”

(NO recovery time)

Segment 2: Exact Repeat of Segment 1, start with higher resistance

Segment 3: Exact Repeat of Segment 2, start with higher resistance

Cool down

Totals: 473 cals, 15.1 miles, 57 mins

This was probably one of the most boring spin classes I’ve ever been in lol… it was just way too long and repetitive for one stage, especially for a Monday morning.  But, at least I did manage to get about the same mileage as a Peak Performance day!  Meh, there’s more classes this week to look forward to Smile

I packed up a pretty nice spread of food last night, and was pretty excited about my breakfast today. I made a fancy schmancy yogurt parfait layered with greek yogurt, pumpkin, diced apples, cinnamon, rolled oats, more greek yogurt, pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, rolled oats, and topped with strawberry jam.  This was absolutely AMAZING!!



Hmm, you can’t really see the layers here, but I assure you it took a good 20 minutes to make this baby!  This thing was a pretty hefty breakfast (I swear it weighed about the same as a brick), but was awesome because work picked up quite a bit today… AND was a much better than the chocolate chip cookies that were brought in… at 7:45 am…


Early morning sugar rush anyone?

My mid morning snack was a good thick slice of the GH Cinnamon Raisin Swirl + Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter. I actually ate it in the break room today instead of my desk – I’d make too many people mad if they had to smell all this cinnamon Winking smileHeaven! (this was probably an early morning sugar rush of sorts, but at least I had some protein to balance it out + natural ingredients in the bread!)


Lunch was somewhat thrown together last night – I spent so much time making a yummy breakfast I sort of failed at lunch: two microwaved eggs, spinach, a cheese stick, hummus and salsa on a whole wheat wrap, some sweet potato chips and a clementine on the side, with an unsweetened Lipton tea.  This was still reeeally tasty, just not as much effort was put into it Smile.



Lunch was eaten a little late today – I was back in the lab building stuff ALL day… and sort of lost track of time.. good thing I packed up a little more than usual.

A few hours later my back started to KILL me… building things all day requires me to switch back and forth between hunching over and standing upright (using tools), standing up and bending down (to get parts out of boxes), and go in and out of the machine shop to modify stuff.  My afternoon snack was a very large Advil Liquigel Goodness Knows Almonds and Berries snack bar. (I actually did have an Advil with that Winking smile)

goodness knows

I’ve seen these things in stores very frequently, and finally bought one the other day to try.  Each package comes with four little bite sized squares (about 1 square inch), and the entire thing was only 150 calories.  Now that I’m researching these, it looks like Boulder and Denver are the only areas that have these right now…. which is good for me because it was YUMMY! Open-mouthed smile  Each square of blackberries, red raspberries, roasted almonds, and pumpkin seeds was coated with some chocolate.  It was very nicely balanced between salty/sweet and the chocolate-to-fruit ratio.  That was definitely the extra kick I needed to get through the rest of the (painful) workday.  I’d recommend picking one of these up to try if you’re in the area Smile.


Now it’s time to drug myself up and see how I’m going to get through sleeping tonight.  I can already guess that I’m probably not going to sleep more than a few hours with the pain… which means I’ll take a day off from the gym tomorrow, attempt to sleep a smidge later, and then get to work!  I really don’t feel like I did that much today, but depending on how I’m moving throughout the day, the area around my compressed disc can sometimes get aggravated and swell up a bit.  It sucks a TON and makes me feel like I’m 40+ years older than I am Sad smile.  It’s just one of those things you have to be in tune with, listen to your body, and realize when too much is TOO much.  I’m definitely still working on that part though– growing up so active and training in sports taught me to “push through the pain”.  Which, is NOT something I need to keep doing….

Time to relax, make dinner, pack up more food, cuddle up on the couch with the huz and see what happened in last night’s Amazing Race!! (TiVo = WIN!)