I WAS finally able to snag a loaf of the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread at Great Harvest this afternoon Smile.  Clearly, Scott and I had been missing out on some baking excellence!

GH bread

I had a slice of this with a small salad – the pancakes this morning were soooo filling I really couldn’t eat a regular lunch at all.  My salad had: spinach, red pepper, kidney beans, carrots, cucumber, avocado slices, and some Italian dressing.  Really not much to it, but it completely filled me up! I just wanted to be sure that I had time to get a small snack in before my Holiday Party, so I would avoid eating EVERYTHING there Smile


This bread WAS amazing Open-mouthed smile – it’s got a little swirl of cinnamon in the middle, and what I think are little specs of apple in it (we couldn’t really tell).  Dee-licious however!

This afternoon was pretty low key Smile – Scott and I basically just lounged around until we had to go to my xmas party for work!  About an hour before we left I had a quick bowl of kashi go lean cereal with some skim milk.  My lunch definitely wasn’t big enough to get me through 6 hours..


I hope you have a good Saturday night!! I’m excited about tomorrow because I’ve got at least two really decent meals planned Smile.  Weekends = cooking time!!