Happy Friday!!! I hope your as excited for the weekend as I am!!  I don’t actually have much planned, but I’m just looking forward to NOT working for a few days Smile.  The first week back from a holiday or vacation is always rreeeaaallly difficult. 

I started today off with a Peanut Butter Z Bar and a small glass of chocolate milk.  I WAS only going to eat half of the bar before spin, but it was way too delicious (first time I’ve tried this flavor) so.. yea.. I ate the whole thing.  Luckily, I didn’t feel any stomach pains during spin.


Workout: Friday morning, crazy-in-your-face, constantly-changing, spin class!!

Warm up

Some combination of: Fast Flat, Hill, Standing Hill, Flat Recovery, Sprinting and Standing Hill, Seated sprint… (mostly focusing on watts today)

Cool down

Totals: ~554 cals, 15.5 miles, 57 mins

As always, it was BUTT crowded today (over 35 people in the class) because the best spin instructor teaches and everyone else knows how good he is.  It’s so amazing how a crowded room brings you so much energy, but holy cow does it make you sweat a TON more with all the extra body heat!

I got to work and made a quick yogurt bowl with a VERY DEAD banana that needed to be eaten.  It was in the brown squishy state, but with everything else mixed together you couldn’t really tell Smile.  I had a Fage 2% Strawberry mixed with that sliced up banana, almonds, rolled oats, chia seeds, and a few Quaker Oat Squares. 


My muscles definitely needed the huge amount of protein in this – I upped the weight of a few machines yesterday and boy oh boy am I feeling it today!  My shoulders and legs are pretty much in permanent “jell-o” state today. 

I grabbed a late morning snack today of some Kashi crackers, my last slice of turkey, and a Laughing Cow Queso Fresco & Chipotle cheese wedge.  I had a conference call to be in over my lunch hour so I needed something to hold me over until early afternoon.


I ate my lunch DURING my conference call (mute button = I can happily chew and chew and make no noises Open-mouthed smile)  I made an open faced sandwich with spinach, Rudi’s 7-grain bread, white meat turkey, dijon mustard, diced baby carrots, and raisins for a sweet touch.  I had an orange on the side as well.  This was absolutely deeeelicious!


Immediately after that call, I had another meeting to get to, which led to more work in the afternoon…  Good thing this was also protein loaded – it held me over all afternoon!

I’m planning a pretty decent dinner tonight too – today’s eating was a little skimpy on the calorie side (due to my current exercise level), so I probably need to bulk it up a bit tonight… especially since I’m planning on another spin class tomorrow.

The only things I really “need” to do this weekend are spend my Whole Foods Gift card (yes, I’m absolutely GIDDY about this!!), go to my company’s Holiday party, and attempt to get the correct bread at Great Harvest that everyone keeps telling me about.  I made the mistake last time of just getting the cinnamon roll (which was amazing btw), but it’s the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl that they ONLY sell on Saturday’s that I need to get ahold of.  We’ll see how that goes tomorrow…..