Scott and I actually made it home at a decent time last night, and I think I got a good 6 hours of sleep in (which is still kind of pathetic.. but hey.. I take what I can get!)  I woke up really really hungry, which I love Winking smile I had a Rome apple and a small glass of milk before my workout this morning.

break 1

Workout: Strength Training

3 x 12 squats with dumbbell

3 x 12 bench dips

3 x 12 Wood chops

3 x 12 Seated Chess Press

3 x 16 Alternating Row

3 x 12 Unsupported shoulder press

3 x 12 Abduction

3 x 12 Adduction

3 x 12 Seated leg curls

3 x 12 leg extensions

3 x 12 standing lunges

3 x 12 bicep curls

Planks: 1 minute on forearms, 45 seconds on each side

I absolutely blasted through that workout today – it felt great and I was done nearly 15 minutes earlier than normal. Early to work = I get to leave earlier Smile (most days)

I got to work and toasted up a whole wheat English muffin, and had that with peanut butter, a sliced up banana, coffee + milk. Best food combination ever invented!!

break 2

One of the ladies I work with saw me making this and she mentioned that her mom used to make Banana Sandwiches… with MAYONNAISE instead of Peanut Butter?!?!?


Yes, even Robert Pattison is disgusted with this combo.  W.T.Crud? I used to eat strange combinations as a kid (hello mayonnaise and Dorito sandwiches… yes they are delicious… don’t judge ;)), but this one wins I think!

I didn’t eat a snack this morning again (breakfast filled me up quite a bit!), so I had another early lunch. AND, since I had zero time to pack food last night I used a coupon and went to ModMarket instead! UBER awesome lunch!!


I had a salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, corn, olives, edamame, pepitas, carrots, broccoli with a Chipotle Lime Vinaigrette dressing. I had this with a Sweet Leaf Unsweetened Iced Tea on the side. That freaking rocked my socks off as ALWAYS! Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile I ate all that, and then went out for a quick walk shortly after. I need to take advantage of the weather while it’s still sunny out!

I had about 3/4 left of a Fage 2% Strawberry that I used two nights ago on top of some crepes, so that became my small afternoon snack.  I crumbled half a Chocolate Brownie Gnu Bar in it as well just to beef it up a bit.


And now that I’m home, I’m getting SPOILED because Scott is…

making dinner?!???!? He’s using the kitchen stove?!??!  Something has turned completely upside down in my world and I’m not sure why…

It’s not our anniversary, it’s not my birthday… I.. just don’t get it?!?

He made salmon: marinated in 1T lime juice, 2T Maple syrup, 4T Light Soy sauce, and then broiled it in the oven. 




Is it done yet??!?


Boom! (or maybe Emeril’s BAM is more appropriate)

salmon and soup2

Served with some leftover cauliflower soup.  I nixed the side salad since I was already overstuffed from greens at lunch today!  Oh I’m so proud Smile Nothing got burned and it tasted AHMAZING! Smile

Now I just want to stay in the food coma the whole night…