While still incredibly groggy this morning, I managed to shove down a half a banana, a small blob of peanut butter, a few Quaker oatmeal squares, and about 2 swigs of orange juice.  It was definitely one of those mornings that I could have turned the alarm off and slept another 3 hours… Most days I have NO problem getting myself motivated and out of bed to hit the gym, but sometimes you just hit those days where you feel like you can’t move!



Warm up

Stage 1: Hills (21 minutes)

            Combination of climbing, sprinting, constantly increasing resistances, standing…etc.

            Major pain!!

Recovery: 1 minute

Stage 2: Intervals (15 minutes)

            Combination of 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off, standing, standing and sprinting, 30 second sprints, 1 minute sprints – all randomly decided throughout the stage.  It was so random today I couldn’t keep track of anything… that and my mind was WAY too gone to even try!

Stage 3: Long Fast Flat (5 minutes)

Cool down

Totals: ~527 cals, 16.6 miles, 1:01 time I felt amazing after that one today – it’s definitely hard getting through the first 15 minutes when you’re worried you might fall asleep on the bike. Once you get through that part, it’s easy-peasy!

I rushed off to work and got to work while eating some chocolate overnight oats: 1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup milk, ½ banana, 1T chia seeds, ½ tsp Maca Powder, ½ tsp vanilla, 1T raisins, 1.5 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder, topped with a blob of peanut butter and my last little slice of chocolate zucchini bread!  That was excellent post-spin food Smile and all the extra chocolate was amazing!

overnigt oags

The overnight oats were a bit more than I usually pack (1/3 cup vs 1/4 cup), so they actually held me over for a good 3.5 hours until lunch (which I ate slightly earlier than normal).  I had almost the LAST bit of leftover Thanksgiving food: a bucket ton of green beans, some white meat turkey, and mashed potatoes. 


I’m pretty sure I had just consumed more garlic than anyone should in one sitting… SO I chomped down on a stick of gum (eww garlic smell!) and headed outside in the nearly 50 degree weather for a walk.  I seriously don’t know what’s going on with the weather here, but I don’t hate it! 


I took another break around 2 today to sort of split up the afternoon – I munched on a Rome apple and made some tea.  I’m still probably not drinking enough during the day.  Cold boring water does NOT sound appealing when it’s cold in the office… On my way back to my cube I grabbed a grape jolly rancher off the office admin’s candy dish Winking smile.  They are my favorite!


And… about another two hours later I looked in the emergency desk stash and found a Fiona’s All Natural Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Granola Bar.  It’s actually from a local company here in Boulder, and I’ve had this before because my gym sells them!  Very delicious and chewy Open-mouthed smile


That held me over for quite a while, which was great because I ended up working really late (lame!).  I’m about to go grab Scott and I some Subway for dinner because he’s going to be home any minute and we need to get to our friends house basically as soon as he gets in.  Working late = throws off some of your night Sad smile.  Lame-o!  BUT, it happens. 

I hope you have a good night!! Mine is going to be a pretty late one, so I’m assuming my workout tomorrow is going to be absolutely sad pathetic! 

I’m already excited for it to be the weekend – all the company Christmas parties start up soon!