After breakfast this morning, Scott and I spent the ENTIRE morning catching up…

on video games Open-mouthed smileCall of Duty: Black Ops definitely took out about 3 hours of life this morning lol.  Relaxing and definitely worth it!!  However, antsy little me was noticing how nice the weather was… and I definitely didn’t feel like working out indoors today.  We grabbed a quick lunch: I had a whole wheat tortilla, some almond butter, strawberry jam, flaxseed, an apple with cinnamon sprinkled on, and some tea.



SO, what do you do when it looks like this outside in late November??? NOT go to the gym!


You play a round of golf!!scott

Scott is absolutely CRUSHING the ball….. right into a tree!



Absolutely no one was out playing – which was nice because we breezed through 9 holes.  AND, with as many back issues as I have, I still have NO FREAKING idea how I’m able to play this.  I can hit the ball dead straight, because I can barely twist my back, but I can’t hit far for BEANS!!  A good example of how far I hit??  On one of the holes today, I was about 3 feet away from Scott and we were both on the fairway.  I took a shot with a 5 wood… Scott used a freaking pitching wedge…. they both ended up at about the same spot. I fail.  But, he HATES the fact that I hit so straight and I can still get par occasionally (slow but steady right?). 

After he crushed me in 9 holes, we grabbed some leftover Thanksgiving food for dinner and watched last week’s Glee with Tom and Brittany!  Smile We are so going to be eating this for the next week… I gotta think up a few ways to make it taste different lol.


I think tonight is going to be another late night reading Room.  I HIGHLY recommend the book – it’s getting insanely intense!