I’m still in fridge cleaning mode so this morning’s pre-workout meal was whatever was lying around: a bunch of grapes, milk, and a small handful of almonds.  Not quite what I’d like in the morning, but at least the fruit won’t go bad Smile (hopefully!)


Workout: Cardio/Strength Training
3 x 12 push ups
3 x 12 assisted chin ups
3 x 12 assisted dips
3 x 12 lat pull downs
3 x 12 tricep push downs
3 x 12 glute machine
3 x 15 calf extensions
10 mins rowing
20 mins elliptical

Totals: 270 cals, 34 mins (cardio only)

My post workout meal was a breakfast burrito! A whole wheat tortilla, cheese, 1 egg, salsa, avocado, and coffee + milk.  Note to self: avocado doesn’t scoop well with a fork…


I’m glad I brought this to work because these were there when I walked in the break room…

daylight donuts

Fail!  I can’t even imagine eating this right now just THINKING of all the treats I’m going to get for Thanksgiving!!

Running around frantically at work is really screwing with my metabolism this week! I had a piece of chocolate zucchini bread and a packet of Cinnamon and Spice oats probably 2 hours later (still avoided the donuts though! Winking smile)

oats n chocolate

I thought today was going to be better than yesterday, but holy cow batman… Lunch was absolutely pathetic today because of it!  It came to be around 12:45 and I happened to look at the clock…. only to realize I had a meeting in 15 minutes.. SO, lunch was.. um.. a frozen dinner – Light in Sodium Amy’s Enchilada, and an Unsweetened Xing Tea.  Doesn’t exactly look appetizing, but I assure you… these enchiladas are delicious!!!!


I literally shoved this down, went to an hour long meeting, and then was SO overwhelmed with being cooped up all day that I took about a 20 minute walk afterwards. And omg I’m glad I did!!! Seriously, look!! Totally blue skies and all I had on was a light jacket… in the MIDDLE of November?!?!? We still haven’t had legit snow, so it’s starting to mess with my head lol.


I never got around to eating the other half of my lunch, mostly because I didn’t have time.  I had a few more calls and meetings to go to, and by the time it was mid afternoon, I decided that a banana + Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter sounded WAY better than the carrots and hummus I packed Smile.  I definitely had another spoonful of this stuff right out of the jar too Smile


So, I’ve considered in the past of getting a little mini desk bike… like THIS!

bike Yea I’d probably look like an idiot, but on days like today when I’m AT my desk for 8 of the 9 hours of the day I honestly wouldn’t care!  I have heard they break relatively easily, or the bearings in it go bad (depending on the design).  OR, it’d be sweet if my company bought me a desk treadmill, so I could just walk all day Smile.



If you had to choose between one of these (or something different I suppose), what would you prefer to use to exercise at work?