I can’t even begin to describe the craziness of this weekend – I guess its just something that happens when the holidays creep a bit closer, and when there’s way to many things going on to keep up with.  The only thing I can account for is a couple of shots of a few meals.  Tomorrow I’ll be back on schedule…. until the holidays Winking smile.

Yesterday’s lunch served a purpose of cleaning out my refrigerator Smilesalad

Spinach, English cucumber, baby carrots, red pepper, tomato, black beans, a few raisins for a sweet kick, hummus, and some Blue Corn chips.  Some trail mix for running errands – walnuts, raisins, and Quaker oat squares.

trail mix


And my dinner last night was one of the sweet potato biscuits I made the other day, steamed snow peas, and a “chili” I made out of my leftover “meat sauce” from my spaghetti squash.

Breakfast this morning before church was the quickest thing I could make… because we were running late (again Smile).  Toast, Flax, PB, agave, banana Smile


And.. lunch was at Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli – I had half a turkey sandwich on wheat (no mayo), with a cup of Vegetable Beef soup, and a bag of chips.heidis

There was definitely a Pumpkin Spice Latte in there (well.. to be “exact” – a grande, nonfat, decaf, no-whip, 2 pump, Pumpkin spice latte… yes I’m annoying in my orders like that Winking smile), and something for dinner I didn’t even take a picture of because it was after 9pm and I was sort of cranky by that time lol.

Sometimes life is just WAY too busy to blog Smile… BUT spending so much time with friends, running errands, and lounging around random places in town this weekend was totally worth it Winking smile.

It’s back to the office tomorrow… until TURKEY DAY!! (pumpkin pie is really the only thing I want!!)