Lol, I am so barely functioning this morning… I was up for over 20 hours yesterday (with the stupid long bike ride too!).  We had dinner with some friends and went to go see Harry Potter at one of the late night showings!  That had to have been the best Potter movie to date!!! (I can’t WAIT for the next one!)

We ate at Rueben’s Burger Bistro – I had a Buffalo Burger Hampsten (fresh greens, sprouts, avocado, cucumber and toasted pumpkin seeds) on a pretzel bun, because I forgot to ask for the cracked wheat one.  I had this with a  side of sweet potato fries (yummiest. things. ever!).  I was starving yesterday because of all the crazy running around and I inhaled the ENTIRE thing.. including about 90% of the fries SmileSmile.  Needless to say I didn’t get anything at the movie theater!


I think I went to bed last night sometime between 1:30 and 2 am.  However, I woke up around 3, and for some reason the FIRST thing that popped into my head was Great Harvest (I had Harry Potter movie dreams all night, so I’ve no CLUE where this came from).  Last Saturday we missed getting the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl from GH because we showed up too late and they were sold out.  Apparently at 3am my body decided to remind me that Scott and I had mentioned getting up to get some of this stuff, because everyone says it’s the most amazing tasting cinnamony-loaded bread ever.

Around 8:30 I got up, woke Scott up and reminded him that we NEEDED to go to Great Harvest….  I literally put my hair in a ponytail, threw on a jacket, and considered myself “dressed enough” to go over there.  We both showed up sleepy-eyed and in our PJ’s… but we got some of the bread (Yay!).  Biggest freaking cinnamon roll I’ve ever seen.  We split this.

great harvest

And of course I decided that it needed some peanut butter.


This. was. delicious. omg.  However, upon eating that I realized I’d just eaten half a cinnamon roll, and a free slice of Light Whole Wheat bread with a smidge of butter and honey (they give out free sample slices of bread at GH) on the way home.  I felt a little guilty so I threw in a few grapes for “good measure” with my coffee. Winking smile

grapes n coffee


About an hour later, Scott ventured out to Raising Cane’s with the guys.  I will NEVER EVER EVER eat here… “Disgusting” is probably one of the only words I can use to describe the food.  Let’s just say this – it’s a place that serves fries, chicken fingers, and Texas Toast.  AND, I’ve heard they soak the chicken fingers in MSG for 24 hours before they cook them.  This makes for an incredibly slimy disgusting feeling in your mouth that lingers until the NEXT day (I admit I’ve had a teeny bite once… because the guys LOVE this place).  Everything is served with the legendary “Cane’s sauce” (some mixture of a TON of mayo, ketchup, Worcestershire, garlic, black pepper?).  Scott has actually come home with a HALF GALLON of this stuff before *throws up in my mind*. Uggh lol, I’m cringing just writing this… it’s soooo gross lol.  I did this instead:


10mins rowing machine, 30 minutes elliptical

Totals: ~391 cals, 45 minutes

Open-mouthed smile Now I’m thinking some eeaaarrrrly Christmas shopping is in order.  I despise Black Friday because people go CRAZY and it ends up being a totally frustrating experience… despite the deals.  I’m a planner and tend to do things way earlier than normal people… BUT, I’ll just sit back and watch everyone else freak out come three days before the holidays and they realize they haven’t done anything yet Nyah-Nyah

Are you an early or late holiday shopper?.. or are you a Black Friday person?