Holy cow batman did I go a little overboard packing my food last night… today was EPIC for food, but I could barely fit it all in a bag!

Before spin I had a peanut butter banana sandwich. I’m now out of bananas and need to get some! Or maybe I’ll actually branch out and get a different kind of fruit… (chances are slim however!)


Workout: 4 looong stages of pain!

Warm up

Stage 1: Fast Flat (11 minutes)

Started around 75-85 rpm. There were 4 resistance changes during the whole 11 minutes.

Stage 2: Hill (16 mins)

Started around 65-75 rpm – a total of 6 resistance changes. Every time we increased, we stood for 1 minute, then went back to seated.

Stage 3: Fast Flat (7 mins)

Started around 80 rpm – total of 4 increases, but starting at a higher resistance than the first Fast Flat.

Stage 4: Hill (9 mins)

Started around 65 rpm – total of 4 increases, but starting at a higher resistance than the first Hill. Switched between seated and standing every minute.

Cool down

Totals: ~559 cals, 17.2 miles, 1:03 time

I rocked it today!! Must have been me overstuffing myself last night at dinner! Giant burrito + a hard workout like that, I feel sooooo ready to tackle the day Smile

I packed me up a protein-packed post-spin breakfast of a few slices of honey whole wheat bread, two eggs, avocado slices, cheese, and salsa (and coffee!). I scrambled and microwaved the eggs last night, and then threw them in a container with the avocado slices. Absolutely AMAZING breakfast today… and a WARM one! (My boss was a little jealous Winking smile).  However, the toaster at work doesn’t exactly toast bread evenly… fail.


I actually didn’t have a morning snack today. The large breakfast held me over for a smidge over 4 hours!! But, lunch was fun to make! I packed up a bunch of romaine leaves, tuna, hummus, and two Doctor Kracker’s Seedlander crackers.  I mixed the can of tuna with a teaspoon or two of the hummus, and then spread that out on the romaine.  I crumbled some of the crackers as a topping. 



Y.U.M. It wasn’t a very calorically dense lunch, but VERY filling from all the protein. I actually had about 6 of these things, and then had the leftover crackers with tuna/hummus (not all pictured).  We’re hanging out with some friends tonight for games and they always have food lying around… so I’m sure I’ll get those extra calories in later Smile (A beer perhaps, some little dessert something, random snacking… )

One of my co-workers mentioned last week that he had quite an interesting sandwich for lunch – consisting of something like cinnamon raisin bread, peeled carrots, butter, cream cheese, raisins, almonds, and honey.  I immediately thought that sounded AMAZING and wanted to re-create something like that for a snack! (with far fewer fat/calories than the restaurant one he bought).
I toasted a slice of cinnamon raisin bread, and topped it with whipped cream cheese, sliced carrots, and a drizzle of agave. I’m LOVING this combination… it’s strange but really good! I had this with an apple too because… yea..they rock and I tend to eat one every day anyways..

raisin bread


I will say on a side note that the dishwasher is STILL broken at work Sad smile.  I am trying to keep waste at a minimal so I kept my paper plate throughout the day lol.    More Tupperware is going to be purchased soon to rid this bad habit!

Now I’m off to pack stuff for tomorrow and make AND eat dinner for Scott and I…. however I only have about 20 minutes to do all of that!!  I’m guessing tomorrow will contain a frozen dinner?…

I also just realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!  OooooOOOoOOOooo Pumpkin Pie!! Smile I can’t wait to have a small break and see my family and celebrate me and Scott’s first Thanksgiving as a married couple Open-mouthed smile!  What are you excited for next week?