I had such a hard time waking up this morning – this weekend was definitely LOADED with too many things.  I’m looking forward to a night or two here of relaxing and doing.. well… nothing Smile (except catching up on my favorite food blogs!)

I started off this morning with the usual pre-spin food: a slice of sprouted wheat toast, PB, flaxseed, agave, and half a banana. I also had a little glass of milk with it.


Workout: Endurance Day – Focusing on Mph on the bike

Warm up

Stage 1: Progressive Endurance Intervals (~20 mins)

1 minute, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min (increase resistance after EACH time AND keep same/higher rpm)

Repeat this again (SORE legs!)

Recovery: 2 mins

Stage 2: Smaller Progressive Intervals (~10 mins)

Starting at a higher resistance than where we started Stage 1

30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 2 mins (increase resistance after each, same/higher rpm)

Repeat again

Recovery: 2 mins

Stage 3: Quick Endurance Intervals (<5 mins)

Starting at higher resistance than where we started Stage 2

15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 min (increasing resistance after each time)

(We did this only once… thank goodness!!)

Cool down

Totals: ~518 cals, 16.0 miles, 57 mins

I skeeeeedaddled outta there right after this was done, because Scott was leaving for work early and I actually wanted to SEE him before he left Smile.  I made it by about 2 minutes SmileSmile

Last night I made some overnight oats mainly because I wanted to be lazy this morning and not do much for food prep Smile Hey… it’s a Monday right?!


1/3 cup rolled oats, ½ crushed banana, 1T chia seeds, ½ t maca powder, ½ t cinnamon, 1T raisins, ½ t vanilla, 2/3 cup milk. Mix and let sit in fridge overnight!

I stupidly forgot to top this off with my usual yummy things before I left for work, but I have backups at work!! Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter, and a smidge of pumpkin granola from Whole Foods (just for crunch). I of course had this with liquid gold coffee!!  The coffee was VERY much needed for today’s busy (aka “fun-sitting-at-my-desk-all-day”…Sad smile) Monday.

I had a candy bar Balance Bar a few hours later – a new flavor Mocha Chip! (Yup, they’re basically “glorified candy bars”….). I HATE that these taste good because honestly I’d rather NOT want to pick one up every now and then…Fail. Meh… at least it’s got some protein in it right?  This one tasted just “meh” for me.  Nothing to get excited about (YAY! Now I probably won’t want one for a loooooong time!)


Lunch was just leftovers from dinner last night – spaghetti squash w/ boca crumble sauce, some kashi crackers, coconut water, and an apple Smile.   “Spaghetti” is aaaaahhmazing because you really can’t tell the difference between it and real pasta (ok… maybe just a liiiitle bit).  And, with all the craziness of last week too, I was finally able to get outside during lunch for a quick walk! Open-mouthed smile Time away from my desk = happy Erin/happy back muscles/happy everything! I completely froze my butt off because it was about 35 degrees, but it was SO worth it!


The afternoon was rreeeeaaaaaly slow Sad smile.  I was basically staring at the clock just watching the minutes drag by (never a good start to the week).  I either got bored or hungry a few hours later (more so on the hungry side), but since I had the candy bar Balance Bar earlier today, I thought it might be a good idea to get a healthier snack in this afternoon… so I munched on some carrot sticks and hummus.

carrots n hummus

I’m probably going to have a decent sized dinner tonight – today’s calories eaten at work were probably on the low side (not many calories in squash, tomato sauce, carrots, kale, and the apple…) for the intense exercise I did this morning.  I definitely need to get in a bit more in at dinner (and maybe even a twinge of dessert Open-mouthed smile).  I’m just looking to maintain weight, and my body will definitely feel it tomorrow if I didn’t get in a good amount of food today.  I’ll be tired/lazy/won’t have such a good workout in the morning, and probably won’t be too tuned in to work.

On a side note however, I just bought Harry Potter tickets for Scott and I this weekend – yes I am one of those people who have read the books over 10 times (… or more…Angel), and yes I will be waiting in line with all the other crazy fanatics… BUT I loved the stories so I think it’s worth it Smile  It’ll be a nice ending to a loooooong week – I’ve got tons of things coming my way at work, so at least there’s something for me to look forward to! (and dinner with some friends beforehand!)

Are you going to go see the movie, or are you going to be one of the peoples poking fun at the nerds like me waiting in line? Winking smile