Tom, Brittany, Scott and I all ventured out tonight to Modmarket – a local AWESOME eatery serving salads, pizza (flatbreads), soups, and sandwiches.  This is my personal FAVORITE restaurant in the whole city… for a ton of reasons…



The food is prepared from scratch (dough, sauces, and dressings), local and organic produce is used, there are options for vegan/vegetarian/gluten free, Boylan’s Natural Cane Sugar sodas are served, and everything is made on the spot with real, wholesome, foods.  You are absolutely getting more than you pay for Smile.

Tonight, I ordered my two personal favorite items on the menu: a cup of Green Chicken Chili, and a Half of a POM pizza.  

pom n chili_thumb[1]



I seriously cannot describe to you how delicious these both are.  The Green Chicken Chili has the perfect level of spice and amount of chicken.  The POM (oh, the POM Red heart) has this amazingly sticky, sweet, balsamic pomegranate glaze over the crust, with oh-so-cooked to perfection chicken, onion, Portobello, and fresh mozzarella.   It’s the most amazing salty/sweet/savory combination that makes my mouth water waaaaaay back behind my tongue…. the kind that almost hurts! Open-mouthed smile I ate absolutely every bite of this!


Tom and Brittany both got the Pepe Pizza.



Scott got… well… keep reading…

Here’s one five of the other GREAT things about this place….

(1) See below


scotts veggies_thumb[17]

Yes.  This is Scott eating a green salad! On purpose, without ordering anything else! One main reason vegetables exist in his diet is because of this place. Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile 

(2) They deliver. That’s freaking awesome Smile.

(3) I also ate here for lunch (with Brittany too!) … and had my OTHER two favorite items on the menu Smile: a side Mongolian Salad, and half of a Pesto Chicken Sandwich.  This is the type of place you could have every meal at.  (And, if you were fortunate enough to snag some food from them at the Boulder’s Farmer’s Market, you were introduced to the Breakfast Sandwiches!! Smile.  Yup, three tasty meals a day!)



Brittany got the Chipotle Steak sandwich combo with greens and pita chips.


Insanely yummy ciabatta bread!

(4) At lunch we were actually seated right next to one of the owners of the restaurant, Anthony!  He even let me interrupt his work for quick picture! Smile I’m sure he was stoked at this point because the place could barely hold everyone trying to get in for the lunch rush.  Seriously, this place PACKS up during “food rush hour”.


(5) For every order you get this nifty “Nutricate Receipt” which shows the nutritional stats of your food. 


I. Freaking. Love. This.  First, how can you get any better than this for one of the most health conscious cities in America? Second, there are coupons on the back of this (eat here again the NEXT day and get 10% off Winking smile).  I may have taken advantage of this on several a few occasions.  I’ve also had a few receipts come out saying that I’ve won a free drink on my next purchase!!  Is it totally random determining who wins, or do I eat here THAT much?? You’ll just have to find out for yourself…

Seriously, this place will rock your world Smile And because it’s so awesome, they are in the process of opening up a place in Denver! Seriously go try this place if your ever in the area… I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m already there!