This afternoon was filled with random running around, eating, writing, eating, more running around…

I had an apple (yet again) in the car before I met Brittany for lunch.  (Lunch post will be out with dinner tonight… hehe).

apple crack

Of course I ended up at the grocery store..but I found me some NEW things to play with!


I got ahold of some Kombucha (kom-BOO-cha) – I keep reading blogs of people drinking this stuff and had to see what the heck it is!!  I came home and then quickly consoled my personal friend Wikipedia, for answers!!

I found two kinds, and the Goji Berry one I bought because it’s local! I tried the Goji Berry and had no complaints whatsoever Smile.  I honestly can’t really describe the flavor or even the consistency of this stuff… I think I’ll have to compare it to the Synergy one I bought before I make an accurate description.  It was different, but tasty!


I also bought a Chayote Squash, which I have never seen before. 


I of course immediately thought THIS at the grocery store…


… then laughed my butt off and bought the thing anyways! It looks like the thing was drinking out of a straw WAY too hard Smile I can’t wait to figure out how to cook this thing!