This morning I had a strange craving for a bowl of cereal (?)… that’s usually something I’ll have at night as a snack, but nooooot today!! I had a small bowl of Kashi Blueberry Clusters before I hit up the gym Smile.


I ate about 80% of what is shown because apparently the spoon I used was too heavy for the little bowl. It tipped over when I got near the bottom and I spilled it all over the table lol. (oops).

I did sort of a quick lifting routine this morning because I wanted to get to work and get my stuff done so I could get off a twinge early because…. It’s SNOWING!! First real snow in Boulder (finally!).


3 x 12 squats with dumbbell

3 x 12 bench dips

3 x 12 wood chops

3 x 12 chest press

3 x 16 alternating row

3 x 12 shoulder press

3 x 12 adduction

3 x 12 abduction

3 x 12 leg extensions

3 x 12 leg curls

3 x 12 standing lunges with weights

3 x 12 bicep curls

I flew through that all about 15 minutes faster than I normally do Open-mouthed smile nice!


I grabbed a quick little toasted PB&J after my workout – it was teeny because it was the two (really) thin end pieces of a loaf of bread. I topped this with a few raisins and flaxseed.


I got hungry a little earlier than normal today (not enough breakfast?, HARD workout yesterday?…not quite sure), so I made me a quick little plate of Kashi Honey Sesame Crackers, a low fat cheese stick, and a little blob of hummus around just two hours later.


And as I’ve noticed… I’ve been using a lot of paper plates recently at work… Our dishwasher broke in the break room so we really don’t have much to eat on/wash.  I am also very very afraid of the “work sponge” used to clean dishes.  I’m not sure WHAT the heck’s been on that thing.. Once we get a new one, or I can find me some more Tupperware, I’m set!

Lunch was leftovers from dinner. I made some random stir fry-ish using a ton of Brussels sprouts, an eggplant, eggs, chicken, brown rice, and teriyaki sauce. It’s lacking a bit of color (in my opinion… ) as my red bell pepper I bought just a FEW days ago was moldy on the inside. I swear I have the WORST luck choosing those things. They can be bright, shiny, and there’s nothing rattling around on the inside when I buy them, but I always seem to get the “rogue” ones that mold from the inside out Sad smile. Fail. This was reallllly yummy however – and warm!!  Last night I threw on some sesame seeds for good measure, but I forgot those when I packed this up.



I also took some time during lunch to catch up on some tweeting and blog-reading Smile. I’m SOOO jealous of everyone that went to the Foodbuzz Festival.  I almost can’t stand seeing any more delicious pictures of what they ate!! 

Right before a meeting this afternoon, I grabbed a tea and a small handful of salt n pepper pistachios. I had an apple too, right AFTER the meeting, because the pistachios were just to hold me over until I got out.



And yea… I tend to eat a BUCKET LOAD of apples.  I’m hopelessly addicted to them, and the are AWESOME to just have lying around at work.  I should probably vary my fruit a little bit more, but it’s so easy having something “durable” to carry around! 


Dinner tonight is going to be leftover Mac n cheese from the other day, and probably some Kale Chips (and who knows what else buried in the kitchen…). Our fridge is in DIRE need of emptying, so I need to double up on the produce consumption!

I’m SUPER excited for tomorrow because it’s my Off-Friday!! Smile I’ve got a bagillion errands to run, but we’re going out to dinner with Tom and Brittany at my absolute FAVORITE restaurant in Boulder (and omygoodness I can’t wait to blog about it!!). I haven’t written about it yet because I wanted to have a good number of blog posts under my belt before I dove into this one.  It’s. That. Good. ooohhhh I can taste it already – chicken, sweet glaze, onion, doughy GOODNESS!!!!

Ok, off to start heating up some dinner! I’ve got a date night with Scott and I don’t want to burn anything!!! SmileSmile

Hope you have a good Friday!!! Smile