I started off today with a decent sized breakfast.  Off Fridays = long rides, so I grab nearly all my breakfast beforehand.

Milk, Whole Wheat Eggo Waffles, PB, Banana, drizzle of Agave.  These three things: carbs, PB, fruit, are what my body CRAVES when I wake up in the morning.  A day without peanut butter… well… frightens me!! Surprised smile


A lot of people wouldn’t be able to tolerate this much food (or food at all) RIGHT before a hard workout… it’s all personal preference.  I’m just the kind of person that can pretty much cram whatever I want in me, and still be able to bike myself stupid without discomfort.  BUT, I absolutely recommend getting SOMETHING in your system before an early morning workout, even if it’s just a few dried apricots/a handful of something… etc.  Don’t try to run a car on an empty tank of gas!



No clue – it’s the guy that switches it ALL up every song!!  Today was focused on just moving around “up and down” – hills, flats, seated, standing, fast flats… it was pretty much insane!  Including the 45 minutes spin class and my extra time on the bike, my 

totals for today were:~876 cals, 25.3 miles, 1:31 mins

I came home a sweaty mess and was freezing my BUTT off (um… currently 23 degrees F in Boulder?!?!), but still found it in my heart to scrape all the ice off my husband’s car before I went inside Open-mouthed smile.  He despises my work schedule (*evil grin*) so anything to make his day a little better sounds good to me!! And yes… I DO in fact wake up early enough to complete a 1:45 to 2:00 bike ride AND get home BEFORE he even wakes up to go to work… (fail).

I grabbed me a QUICK shower (Crying face I ran out of hot water 5 minutes after I turned it on), and then RAN to grab me some nice warm coffee/milk….. and my blow dryer Winking smile 


I spent a good hour on Mama Pea’s website checking out her AMAZING recipes and posts (I tend to get insanely a twinge distracted when I read people’s blogs)… I was almost drooling actually – and all the yummy-looking food made me hungry!  It was that and the mix of the post-workout blood sugar crash!

I grabbed me a Brown Cow Strawberry Greek Yogurt, a few chopped almonds, and a bit less than one fourth of a Koka Moka Probar.  These things are pretty darn calorie dense (~360 cals for one bar), so I just crumbled a bit with everything.  I’ve never had one of these before, but holy cow dude.. these are YUMMY! They will definitely find their way into my shopping cart again Smile



I gobbled that down and then ventured off to complete all the “administrative tasks” of the day… a haircut, grocery shopping (not really a “task” Smile), buying some game supplies, clothes shopping (I need me some winter work clothes – the guys I work with keep the office quite freezing!), donating some old items around the apartment… etc.  Gonna be a BUSY busy day!

But, I oh so can’t wait for dinner tonight… it’s going to be sooooooo delicious!!!!