Man, today was a whirlwind of insane blood sugar levels – mostly due to me NOT being at my desk all day and not having enough time to eat properly Sad smile

This morning I had the other half of my orange chocolate optima bar, some chocolate milk, and the rest of the unsweetened apple sauce leftover from my pancakes on Saturday.


Workout: Peak Performance Day = Heeelllloo Monday Morning!

Warm up

Stage 1 – 11 minutes, Always at 80 rpm:

2 mins then increase resistance, 2 mins then increase, 1 minute standing, 2 mins then increase, 2 mins then increase, 1 min standing, 1 minute sitting

(3 min recovery flat)

Stage 2 – 10 minutes, Always at 80 rpm:

(Repeat this FIVE times)…

1 min @ 80rpm, 1 min @ 90 rpm, increase resistance

(3 min recovery flat)

Stage 3 – 9 minutes:

(Repeat this THREE times, NO rests in between… = PAIN)

3 minutes – go as far as you can with a high resistance (try for at least 1 mile in three minutes)

Cool down

Totals: ~487 cals, 15.0 miles, 54 minutes

Basically… a BUTT kicking, Monday morning workout. 


My post fuel when I got to work was my LAST Hemp bagel, PB, and a whole banana Smile. Easy and QUICK to pack to work!! I actually did take a picture of this, but apparently my phone decided to delete it rather than email it to myself…. I didn’t realize this until AFTER I ate everything. Fail. It WAS yummy however! (but it looked the same as all my other PB, banana, bread type breakfasts).

My lunch was leftovers from last night – mac n cheese, chicken w/ curry sauce, and broccoli. Work was absolutely INSANE today – I wasn’t even at my desk for most of it (a nice change)…. But this also meant that I didn’t eat lunch for about 4.5 hours AFTER my bagel! I was insanely cranky and NOT happy by this time. I scarfed that all down and then had to go back to work… FAIL again.


I was able to get away for a snack in the afternoon (but DIDN’T get to walk today Sad smileSad smile), which was just another Chocolate brownie Gnu bar. I had packed up a Greek yogurt and an orange, but I was too pressed for time to sit and eat something, so I grabbed this from my stash.


Literally, AS I was finishing this bar, a co-worker brought me a plate of more food Sad smile… and then sat there watching me waiting for me to eat it.  I was NOT hungry at all, but I felt bad because she was so excited about bringing it to me and she even took the time to arrange it in a smiley face lol… I ate it anyways Sad smile.  It was just a few slices of banana, a few blueberries, and a (sugar free??) jello with fat free cool whip on top.  I ate everything, but left half the jello/cool whip.  Was NOT hungry, but I felt bad.


That just means I’m getting in TONS of veggies at dinner to compensate for the lack of them today.   It’s just one of those days where you have to make the most of any time you get – and try to eat as decent as possible.

I got that “low-blood sugar feeling” again when I was leaving work, so I grabbed and orange and INHALED it on the way home… and again… my camera FAILED and it deleted the picture?!?!? (I need to look into that!)

I was totally shakey off and on all day.  I had plenty of water, but I just never got a good meal in at once to account for my big workout this morning.  I HATE when that happens… but it does tend to happen occasionally in the office Sad smile.  I am definitely one of those people that NEEDS to eat every 2-3 hours… pretty much no matter what I’ve eaten beforehand. 

It’s going to be sort of an “on-the-go” week too – we’ve got a business lunch at some point in the next few days, so I won’t be taking a picture of THAT meal (not quite appropriate when it’s with a customer AND your boss is there lol…), but I’ll be sure to at least post what I ate Smile.  I’m just hoping the next few days let me get my usual snacks in – I can’t take too many days like today close together because I get cranky and easily annoyed Sad smile.


Meh, it was just a so-so day.  I need to eat a really good dinner and relax so that hopefully tomorrow I can focus a little better!  I’m going to pack a little better so that I can grab some quick and balanced snacks when I need them!

I hope your day wasn’t as crazy as mine! It’s almost tooo much for a Monday lol Smile