Today was a MUUUUUCH better day than yesterday!!  Much food was consumed, which means I’m an insanely happier person SmileSmile And, I seemed to have fixed the problem with my camera phone!


Pre-workout I had a half of a banana, a teeny glass of milk, and some pumpkin spice almond butter.



3 x 12 modified push ups

3 x 12 assisted pull ups

3 x 12 assisted dips

3 x 12 lat pull downs

3 x 12 glute machine

3 x 15 calf extensions

Since last week went so well with the cardio circuit, I thought I’d try that out on my back again.  I did 15 minutes on the rowing machine and then 15 on the elliptical.  For some reason I find the rowing machine to be an AWESOME stress reliever… more so than any other cardio machine I can think of.  I guess it’s just the pattern your body gets into with inhaling/exhaling and using your entire body to workout.  I was sseeeeriously taking out some work-related aggression on that machine this morning… and it felt GREAT!

Totals (cardio only): ~315 cals


Post workout I had some overnight oats!!

1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup milk, .5 smushed up banana, 1T chia seeds, 1/2 tsp maca powder, 1 T raisins, 1 tsp vanilla extract.  I topped this off with a half crumbled piece of chocolate zucchini bread, a smidge of peanut butter, and a glob of strawberry jam.  Absolutely. Delicious!!! Today’s was really thick and creamy and peanut-buttery!! Smile YUM!

overnight oats

Mid morning I grabbed an apple – it wasn’t much but I found out earlier that we were in fact having our business lunch today.  And… of course I couldn’t make it till lunch before eating Smile (Organic Fuji’s = Crack Fruit!)


I was sooooo surprised for our business lunch today!! No one could decide where they wanted to go (which usually ends up being someplace high cal/greasy/large portion BLEGH…etc).  I suggested Turley’s here in Boulder and to my absolute DELIGHT.. NO ONE opposed it! I would have thought that most people would not like the “All-natural” label to it.

I freaking LOVE this place because they are all natural, they have several options for gluten free and vegan, very decently priced for the sizable portions, they use meat that has never had antibiotics/hormones/steroids, and they use local ingredients!

I ordered the Scrambled Tofu (“Sautéed organic tofu tossed with fresh tomatoes, scallions, broccoli and mushrooms in a tamari and sherry sauce over organic quinoa”).  I had this with a Honey Whole Wheat roll on the side.  I ate a bit over half of what was in my plate, and then took the rest in a box so that I could at least take a picture of it!


tofu scramble

However… about 30 minutes after we got back to work… I ate the rest of this.  I guess I hadn’t REALLY filled up.  It was just WAY too yummy not to be eaten Smile (I’m glad I got a pic though!)

Before I left work, I finished up the chocolate zucchini slice – and crumbled this over a Fage 2% strawberry Greek yogurt with only about 1/3 of the jam in the container.  I made some tea too because it actually started snowing a bit and it was CHILLY!

yogurt n tea

I know I don’t usually blog dinner (or my after dinner “snack”), but it usually involves a LOT of veggies… since… obviously I don’t get them in (much) during the day.  It’s just so much easier to grab a bar or handful of pistachios than sit and CRUNCH on carrots at my (very quiet) desk.  When I get home I usually just start assembling the most random bunch of veggies, greens, veggie burgers, protein (beans, eggs, maybe some chicken/shrimp), hot sauce (sometimes), or whatever I have lying around the kitchen.  It gets my veggie intake up for the day and also keeps me from grabbing a frozen dinner or fast food.

Most nights I’ll have a snack after dinner too– bowl of cereal, small piece of dessert (twinge of ice cream, bits of a cookie, fruit, tea,…etc).  It’s usually quite small, but enough to get me to tomorrow morning Smile


OH!! And I’m SOOOOOOOO MAD because I completely missed that “Diner’s, Drive-In’s, and Dives” came to BOULDER!!! Both restaurants, Foolish Craig’s and The Sink are FANTASTIC places…. oh man.  I’m just hitting myself right now because that would have been EPIC!!#$#$^#%^.  FAIL