Hope you remembered to change your clocks last night!!  I remembered around dinner time yesterday, but by the time we got back from hanging out with friends, I had completely forgotten!!!  SO, naturally, I’m up and ready to go an hour before Scott and I need to leave….. and now I have time to blog Smile (oops)

Last night I realized that we have NO FRUIT in the apartment, and I ALWAYS have fruit with my breakfast.  I pulled out the Rush Bowl that I’ve had sitting in the freezer for about a week and a half as it was the only thing I could find with any sort of fruit in the ingredients list (double FAIL on my part).  It was the Acai Au Lait Bowl (Vanilla Soy Milk, Strawberry, Cherry, Acai- Topped with Granola and Honey).  This was deeeeelicious!!  I think I gobbled it up in less than 5 minutes!! I may grab something right before we leave however, as this was only 280 calories – not quite enough for me for breakfast.  I would absolutely buy these again, and will most likely end up AT Rush (located here in Boulder) to get one Smile



I brewed some strong coffee (gotta stay awake!!) and I think I might actually go grocery shopping since I have time lol.



Time Fail = Caffeine + GROCERY SHOPPING!! SmileSmileSmileSmile